executes orders of the central and national banks, state and private companies of the Russian Federation and other countries
We work for

We work for

Goznak is highly experienced in manufacturing a wide range of security products for central and national banks,government bodiesand private companiesboth in the Russian Federation and overseas.

Our Company is entrusted with the right to produce the major kinds of security printing products necessary for currency and document circulation within the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our major Russian clients include government ministries and departments and the Bank of Russia.

The Enterprises Branches of Goznak are equipped with modern machinery and use cutting-edge technologies enabling the Company to create products which correspond to thestrictest quality standards.

Our Comapny's product rangeincludes banknotes,denominational and commemorative coins, medals and state awards, security documents, including those with the electronic data carrier, stamps (postage, special federal and excise), special paper (banknote, security, specialized and office), security technologies, equipment for the processing, control and accounting of security products, exclusive souvenir products. Since 2012 Goznakhas offeredlong-termsecure data storage services.

Our technical capabilityallows usto produce awide range of products using cutting-edge technological developments and time-tested security technologies. Goznak is entitled to use intaglio and Orlov printing methods.

Goznak realizes the full spectrumof security printed product manufacture. It is possible to fulfill orders for separate technological operations at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Consultations are given by ourhigh-skilled specialists and the level of printing nad individual security features are tailored to the customers' wishes and requirements.

The highest quality and promptexecutionoforders are guaranteed.

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