Medals, Badges and Souvenirs

Medals, Badges and Souvenirs

For many decades, Goznak has been manufacturing a wide assortment of award, commemorative and souvenir products of precious and base metals under the Russian and foreign, state and commercial orders. The company was the first in the world to start the production of commemorative products of palladium; it constantly works upon increasing the assortment of metals applied in the production and improving the manufacturing quality.

The specialists of Goznak work in close co-operation with the customers, starting with the product concept development and up to its minting. At that, true masterpieces of the medal art are often created. The talent of medal artists, the skill of technologists, engravers and minters who apply new materials and technologies in their work contributes to it.

Every year the Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints produce hundreds of kinds of commemorative products, tokens; they manufacture state orders and medals, emblems and lapel badges of base and precious metals.

Goznak is an official licensee of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and the 11th Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in the city of Sochi in the “Badges, lapel badges and medals” category and is entitled to produce these products using the symbols of the Olympiad 2014 and sell them within the territory of Russia.

The Mints of Goznak manufacture exclusive products – space steamers, badges and commemorative medals dedicated to space exploration.

The company produces marks of assay under the orders of the Assay Chamber of Russia and a number of foreign countries. Various complicated security methods necessary for respecting the interests of our customers are applied

We also develop various series of gift products using different artistic devices of combining metal with plastic, wood or other materials depending on the design.

We are developing new kinds of tokens compatible with the latest generation of payment terminals; they will be able to become a transitional phase from the metal tokens to the plastic cards.

For 2018 FIFA World Cup, Goznak prepared, agreed with FIFA and issued products dedicated to the world cup of nickel silver and silver.

The mints produced a few kinds of licensed commemorative medals, including those with the images of the 11 cities of Russia where the playoffs took place, medals dedicated to the 32 countries participants of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the official mascot of the world cup Zabivaka Wolf (a few variants) and medals dedicated to the official symbols of FIFA.

All the products dedicated to the FIFA World Cup was secured with a licensed hologram. The hologram was on the packing of the medals, the album and the authenticity certificate attached to every silver medal dedicated to FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The enterprises of Goznak are able to manufacture products of precious metals in the quantity of from one item up to hundreds thousands, and coins and tokens up to hundreds millions pieces. The security level increase makes the products difficult to reproduce, and the technologies Goznak is equipped with allow reducing their net costs.

One can learn details about the products of the mints of Goznak and the applied technologies and materials by following the links to the enterprises.

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