Commemorative and investment coins


Commemorative and investment coins

The Mints Branches of Goznak design and strike commemorative coins under the orders of the Bank of Russia, central and national banks of other countries.

The modern machinery and technologies of the mints, the skills of specialists, the talent of medal artists, engravers and minters of Goznak make it possible to create coins referred to numismatic masterpieces by the specialists.

Goznak is able to produce commemorative coins of practically any geometric configuration and weight of base and precious metals, taking into account international standards of quality of cold-stamped products. The specialists of the mints have mastered the technologies of minting coins with the weight of from 1.55 g up to 5000 g (in purity) and the diameter of from 12 up to 130 mm.

Under the order of the Bank of Russia, Goznak produces commemorative coins of base metals copper, bronze, copper and nickel alloys (cupronickel) and others. The mints of Goznak produce assembled bimetallic 10-rouble coins of brass and cupronickel. Commemorative coins of base metals are produced for memorable dates and events and intended for free circulation along with subsidiary coins of regular minting.

Commemorative coins of precious metals produced at Goznak enjoy recognition and stable demand both in Russia and outside its territory. The coins are noted for their high artistic design level and faultless minting quality. They are produced in proof quality (a mirror area and a matte relief image). Technologies of partial gilding, application of coloured enamels, tampon printing, enamel, precious and semiprecious stones, laser processing are applied.

Goznak is highly experienced in producing precious metal commemorative coins for foreign central and national banks.

The Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Mints have received international prizes and awards for their products many times. In particular, in 2003, the experts of the American Krause Publications Publishing House of The World Coin News Magazine named Romeo and Juliet 25-rouble silver coin of the 225th anniversary of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia series the coin of the greatest artistic merit.

In June 2010, the History of Currency Circulation in Russia coin (25,000 roubles) won the Fourth International Competition of Commemorative Coins Coin Constellation 2010 in the Gold Coin of the Year category.

According to the authoritative Deutshes Munzen Magazin, Fauna Russian commemorative gold coin (1,000 roubles) of the Sochi 2014 Program of the Bank of Russia was chosen to be the coin of 2012.

The mints branches of Goznak execute orders of the Bank of Russia for minting investment coins of precious metals meeting the requirements applied to investment objects in technical parameters and minting methods. Now an investment coin with the image of Saint George the Victory Bringer on the reverse is struck. Investment coins are minted of precious metals of the highest alloy in uncirculated quality.

Since 2017, the mints have been producing combined coins (a steel discus with the nickel galvanic coating, a ring of steel with brass galvanic coating) with the face value of 10 roubles. There is a security element in the shape of a covert image on the coins.

Goznak prepared, agreed with FIFA and manufactured products dedicated to FIFA World Cup of cupronickel and silver.

The mints produced a few kinds of licensed commemorative medals, including those with the images of the 11 cities of Russia where the playoffs took place, dedicated to the 32 countries participants of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the official mascot of the world cup Zabivaka Wolf (a few variants) and medals dedicated to the official symbols of FIFA.

All the products dedicated to the FIFA World Cup were secured with a licensed hologram. The hologram was on the packing of the medals, the album and the authenticity certificate attached to every silver medal dedicated to FIFA World Cup in Russia.

For numismatists and those who like souvenirs, the mints branches of Goznak produce sets of high quality commemorative collectible coins of precious metals. Circulation and commemorative coins of base metals minted for various memorable dates, dedicated to important literature and scientific achievements, sports events are also packed into collectible sets.

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