Information storage and processing services

Information storage and processing services

The Data Processing Center of Goznak has been realized on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak, it possesses modern engineering and information technological infrastructure enabling it to provide services of locating state information systems on technological areas as well as various IT services.

The Data Processing Center of Goznak has been projected and built taking into account Tier III requirements and TIA-942 standard recommendations.

Since 2017, the Data Processing Center of Goznak has been incorporated into the data processing center system of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

The commissioned infrastructure of the Data Processing Center has a module structure and consists of a few infrastructural rooms and halls for equipment placement.

It is planned to increase the capacities of the Data Processing Center of Goznak in Moscow and build a Data Processing Center in Saint Petersburg.

The existing competencies of Goznak in the field of projecting (Accredited Tier Designer Uptime Institute), maintenance and operation of the Data Processing Center make it possible to operate the infrastructures of the Data Processing Center in accordance with the requirements of the Russian and international standards.

High-skilled specialists trained at authorized courses and possessing certificates of equipment and solutions of IBM, HP, Cisco, Juniper, ЕМС, VMware, Microsoft and other manufacturers are engaged in the Data Processing Center maintenance.

The modern and reliable infrastructure of the Data Processing Center of Goznak makes it possible to guarantee reliable services of information storage and processing, uninterrupted work of business applications and data protection to our customers.

Commissioning of the new lines of the Data Processing Center of Goznak will make it possible to provide territorial distribution of infrastructure.

The place is protected by departmental armed security.

The Data Processing Center of Goznak provides the following services:

  • Equipment placement (Colocation) service makes it possible to locate the Customers’ server and telecommunication equipment, data storage
  • systems as well as server equipment and data storage systems of high-end class with non-standard characteristics;
  • Provision of services in the field of information security;
  • Provision of cloud computation capacities according to “infrastructure as a service” model (IaaS);
  • Operational systems maintenance – maintenance of operational systems evolved at virtual machines within the framework of cloud infrastructure according to incoming requests.

Goznak is a communications provider with necessary licenses and provides the following services:

  • Communications services of providing communication channels;
  • Communications services of data transmission, except for communications services of data transmission via the purposes of voice information transmission;
  • Telematic communications services.
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