Excise stamps

Authenticity control

Goznak produces special detectors and indicators used to control the authenticity of excise stamps. These include:

  • “Devis 05B”, a tool used to observe the visual effect of security features printed in special ink: under IR light a flash of orange luminescence appears, turning to turquoise;
  • “Devis-C6B” and “Devis-03M” special IR Visualizing Devices, used to detect security features with selective IR absorbance (this feature is in the shape of a bottle on special stamps and a stripe on excise stamps), which flashes when observed through the visualizing device and appears yellow under UV light;
  • “Devis-04”, a device used to authenticate special properties of the two rectanglar security features included on the left-hand side of the new series of excise stamps;
  • The self-adhesive paper used in the production of excise stamps has improved chemical security. Paper authenticity control is carried out with the help of “C-2”, a special indicator produced at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak. Using a pipette, the indicator is applied to the stamp surface. If the stamp is counterfeit, the surface colour remains unchanged. Goznak has developed a portable device to control an additional security feature in this sort of paper; it heats the paper locally, and a blue dot appears on it. This blue dot disappears when the paper cools.
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