For alcoholic beverages

Excise stamps

For alcoholic beverages

Goznak produces of the new series of alcohol excise stamps according to the changes to established production, application and registration procedures introduced by Decree No. 704 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 11 2012. Changes to the established procedures for the manufacture, application and registration of excise stamps for alcoholic beverages imported into the Russian Federation were introduced by Decree No. 775 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 27 2012.

The excise stamps are printed on self-adhesive paper with an enhanced set of security features.

The following security elements are applied to excise stamps:

  • Overlaminated copper holographic foil with demetallized ornamental patterns and repeated holographic images of the Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation and an “РФ” (RF) monogram ;
  • Special embedded security thread with an irregular window in which an image in the shape of pink stripes is observed. When viewed through a polarization filter, grey-blue stripes appear. A pink, blue yellow and orange image in the shape of an “РФ” (RF) monogram appears under UV light;
  • Features for inspection with special instruments.

Excise stamps for alcoholic beverages are printed using offset, flexographic, screen and inkjet printing methods. Various kinds of high-security inks with specific properties in various spectral ranges are applied for the stamp printing. Inks with variable visualized properties and colour-shifting inks are applied.

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