Security paper

Security paper

Under the orders of Russian companies licensed for the right to produce security printed products, the paper mills of Goznak produce kinds of paper protected against counterfeiting with the help of modern security technologies.

Goznak manufactures a broad spectrum of security papers intended for the production of shares and bonds, documents, bank and traveler’s cheques, federal special, excise and postage stamps, ballot papers, forms, promissory notes, passes and other security products providing security of the state document flow.

Watermarks and filigrees, security threads (window and fully embedded into paper), security elements prepressed to the paper surface, with the application of screen printing in the wide spectrum of security inks are used in the production of such paper. The specialists of the company have developed a new generation of paper with chemical security for the production of printed products of a high security level and for special commercial application.

The paper mills of Goznak produce security paper with a local, stripe, general watermark; with thread containing microtext; various security fibers and other security means applied in the world practice.

The assortment of paper with security elements offered by Goznak to the customers makes it possible to apply it in many areas where the security levels of security papers and documents should vary in efficiency and at the same time have a reasonable manufacturing cost.

Besides, the range of products of the paper mills of Goznak includes a wide choice of paper with watermarks that has broader application. It is applied in the production of forms, passes and other papers with the security level determined not by the government but by a legal entity. The most cutting-edge security technologies are applied in the paper production. The paper produced at the enterprises of Goznak is noted for high compatibility in the world market.

Goznak works in close co-operation with the clients in order to manufacture the product meeting their requirements completely. Moreover, the company guarantees that the ready-made products will have a proper security level.

The Paper Mills of Goznak offer production of paper with an individual watermark

The customers’ official emblem, the company’s logo, a portrait, a drawing with a display of memorable dates or a neutral image offered by the customers or offered by the specialists of the company may be an individual watermark.

Paper with an individual watermark can be applied for the production of the customers’ letterheads enabling them to create their own original and exquisite style.

Goznak guarantees high product quality and confidentiality of an order. An individual watermark is assigned to certain customers and cannot be used without their permission.

The produced paper is suitable for offset, laser and inkjet printing as well as copying. It is produced in webs and sheets, including A3 and A4 sizes.

The modern equipment and cutting-edge technologies of the company enable it to produce paper meeting the European standards and satisfying the demands of most exacting customers.

Goznak accepts orders for the production of high quality wood-free multipurpose paper with watermarks

The Paper Mills of Goznak also produce paper with lower security requirements, for example for IDs, passes and other forms with various data, scanned photos and signatures applied by the holder immediately before receiving the document.

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