Identity documents

Identity documents

Goznak develops and produces security documents for various purposes both on paper and plastic, including passport and visa documents of the new generation with the electronic data carrier.

Goznak is highly experienced in providing both Russian and overseas clients with a full spectrum of documents proving the citizen’s identity.

Our Company uses modern equipment and technologies for ID-1 (ID card) and ID-3 (passport) documents with the digital information carrier. Goznak develops and produces plastic security documents for various purposes. Depending on the application area, various plastic documents are issued with one or more of the following security devices:

  • A microchip,
  • A magnetic strip,
  • Embossing,
  • A colour photo,
  • Bar-code etc.

All documents are equipped with a set of security features consistent with the conditions of use and estimated service life.

Goznak is entrusted with producing all secure identity documents for Russian citizens both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

In adddition to ID documents, Goznak produces driving licenses, the Universal Electronic Cards, certificates for public institutions and commercial companies and many more.

For plastic documents the service life may be up to 10 years, depending on their structure and the materials used. All ID-1 and ID-3 documents meet the requirements of Russian and international standards and ICAO recommendations.

Goznak carris out all stages of security printing product manufacture – from the production of paper or plastic cards, through to the development of security features and design, right up to the product manufacture and subsequent personalization. It is possible to fulfill orders for separate technical procedures at any stage in the cycle.

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