Banknote production


Under the orders of central and national banks, Goznak produces banknotes meeting all the international standards of quality and safety.

Goznak has modern equipment, cutting-edge technologies and its own scientific research basis. We offer a set of services to our customers – production of banknote paper, development of principally new security technologies with their later realization in the ready product, development of banknote design and security feature authentication devices.

It is possible to carry out an order for separate technological operations at any stage of the banknote production cycle.

Under the order of the Bank of Russia Goznak produces banknotes for the currency circulation of the Russian Federation.

Throughout its history, Goznak has supplied banknotes to dozens of countries of the world. We are currently cooperating with the central banks of Lebanon, Yemen, Guatemala, as well as the central banks of a number of countries of the near abroad, Asia and Africa.

Goznak has experience of supplying banknote paper to Indonesia, China, Nigeria, as well as to regions of Asia, Africa and the Latin America. Besides, our company has carried out orders for the production of banknote paper for foreign commercial banknote manufacturing companies.

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