Coin and order production technologies

Coin and order production technologies

The development and improvement of coin and order production technologies is one of Goznak'spriority lines of business. Specialists of the Mints in cooperation with the Research Institute have created andperfected the followingunique technologies which aresuccessfullyused in production:

  • Silver-plating, gilding, patina-forming treatment (artificial ageing), blackening, sand blasting, clearing, vacuum deposition, laser processing. Multicoloured enamel, jewel insertion (including gems) andtampon printing.
  • The unique technology of manufacturing gold, silver and bronze medals for the2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan combines minting and casting. The intersection of parallels and meridians rotating inside the outer circle on the pins is made in the shape of a sphere oblate-shaped on either side into whichthe part of the medal with theGames logo is affixed.
  • The technology of mosaic medal-coating developed andperfected in cooperation with Andrey Manjos, an enamel and mosaic artist. It is possible to decorate not only medals but also coins with theuse of jewellers hot enamel. The new technique of working with this classic material is unprecedented in the medal and coin business. Each medal is unique because the mosaic on it is made manually.
  • Big money minting technology:precious metal coins weighing up to 5000 g (in purity) and up to 130 mm in diameter .
  • Cyanide-free silver and gold coating techniques which improve working conditions and reduce harm to the environment.
  • A fourfold improvement in the durability of minting tools thanks to heat treatment.
  • Construction of a bimetallic coin with a titanium ring. Titanium chemical processing enables us to give the productany colour. The technologygives an originalvisual effect to the products (including thosemade fromprecious metals).
  • Goznak specialists are currently searching for technological solutions and materials which can be used to add new security properties to coins.

Among the innovative technologies currently used by the specialists of the Mints of Goznak, five are patent protected.

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