Banknote security

Banknote security

Banknotes are one of the most complex products in the security printing industry. All the three levels of the range of banknote security features – public, cashier and expert – contain features which require different verification methods. The ability to produce consistently secure banknotes guarantees competitiveness on the security printing market.

Technologies recently developed at Goznak include:

  • Wide-embedded VFI security thread. The wide security thread embedding technology was developed and perfected exclusively at Goznak. Banknote paper with this embedded thread technology is used in the production of Bank of Russia banknotes and those of a number of other countries.
  • Mobile movement effect security threads, consisting of a multi-layered construction. When the banknote is tilted, the image appears to move in different directions. Mobile threads can be embedded using various technologies, including VFI. It was first used in the 2010 series 5000 Rouble and banknotes of a number of different countries.
  • The use of intaglio printing technology to create new security features. In recent years, several new features of this kind have been developed, including the switch from intaglio to blind embossing. The feature is used in many Goznak products.
  • The Research Institute of Goznak has developed a series of printed security features based upon a combination of various printing methods. The first feature, MVC, was used in 2004 series banknotes. Several generations of features based on this effect – MVC+ and HMC – are used in modified Russian banknotes and the banknotes of other countries.
  • The development of these types of safety features required a great deal of work in research, production and modelling software development. The Research Institute of Goznak has developed more than ten new materials which can be used as additives to lend particular special properties to ink or paper. These properties can be identified either visually (they change colour when tilted) or by using a special device. These innovations are used in the banknotes of Russia and other countries.
  • Technology for producing paper resistant to wear and soiling. In addressing this problem, the technology for producing polymer-coated banknote paper was developed.
  • 2D-Iris printing technology. 2D-Iris effect provides smooth transitions upon the continuous guilloche grid from one colour to another, in all directions and with a pre-set various width of the smooth transition at various areas of the image. Such an effect cannot be achieved even on specialised banknote machines without the necessary modification.
  • Strip-embedding security features into special paper and banknote paper. Goznak has perfected the production of banknote paper with innovative features - “such as "transparent windows” the "stained glass "window" (“transparent window” strips), and "irregular visual image". In order to obtain the "transparent window" effect, the production of surface-modified polypropylene film security bands was developed.

Goznak uses a range of innovative banknote security technologies developed by the company's specialists, 24 of which are patent protected.

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