New materials

New materials

The search for new materials is a line of business which encompasses paper and plastic production technologies, the development of pigments, additives, inks and quality control. The Company's achievements in this area include:

  • Selecting materials for plastic document manufacture which providea service life of up to 10 years.

    The Research Institute of Goznak is the only organization in Russia able to carry out ID-1 and ID-3 document durability testing.

  • Choosingand developing materials with special properties to embed into paper, ink and polymers for greater security. These security features can be identified both visually (colour change when tilted) using special devices.

    As a rule,Goznak nowoffers customerscomplete solutions includingsecurity features and a device for its verification. If the security feature is supplied to another manufacturer,an additionallaboratory quality control device is provided. The Research Institute of Goznak develops special feature control devices.

  • Technology for producingpaper resistant to wear andsoiling. Using these kinds ofpaper leads toan increasedproduct circulation service life.

    In addressing this problem, the technology for producing polymer-coated banknote paper with embeddedpolymer fiberswas developed.

  • Anti-bacterial treated paper for the Bank of Russia banknotes .

    It was proposed to use a special additive with disinfecting properties in paper production. Being a polymer, the substance is firmly and durablyfixed within the paper structure and protects the paper against bacteria for 5 years. The antibacterial banknote paper developed at the Research Institute was approved in sanitary-epidemiologicalassessment by the Federal Supervision Agency for Consumer Protection and Human Welfare.

  • Adding special features to paper for products which are to be later personalized. The properties allow the use of various methods of applying images: laser, inkjet, thermo transfer etc. Moreover, theblank documentsalso contain images using other printing methods (intaglio, offset or screen printing), and a set of security features.

  • Developing automated video systems for paper quality control, security thread embedding andproduct printing. At the same time, equipment is being moddernizedand improvements are being made to the technological processes. Many of our security features cant be checked visually, and for that reason industrial quality control systems are paramount.

    Ten of the innovative materials developed in-house are currently patent-protected.

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