Digital technologies

Digital technologies

Secure document production is a very important traditional field of Goznak’s business. Paper has been the main material for the production of documents for many decades. However, the production requirements for this security product have faced changes in recent years. Firstly, plastic has become the dominant material for producing documents; secondly, documents are now equipped with electronic data carriers. These tendencies have posed new challenges for the company in the field of research and development.

Nowadays, one of Goznak's most important fields of business is the development and perfection of the new generation products and services, especially complete process of ID document production and personalisation.

The new generation of plastic documents are expected to contain machine-readable features such as bar-codes, QR-codes and RFID-labels, which are used as an additional element of authenticity control and for access to external databases. Our company is highly experienced in creating products with bar-codes and QR-codes. In particular, Goznak specialists produced the first issue of postage stamps with 2D bar-codes in Russia. The official logo of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and a matrix code (QR-code) are depicted on the stamp. With this codes, users of smartphones and other mobile devices are taken to the official Sochi 2014 website.

The next generation of digital technologies are electronic data carriers – microchips which are in fact microprocessors of varying complexity. The electronic data carriers – both contact, contactless and with dual interface – are in increasing demand.

Goznak has managed to develop and perfect the production of new generation documents in a very short time. The company has perfected technologies for the production of ID-1 (ID card) and ID-3 (passport) documents with digital data carriers successfully. Goznak produces the new generation of biometric passports with contactless chips. A contact microchip is used in the production of electronic policy documents for compulsory medical insurance. For the development and creation of the Universal Electronic Card, a dual interface is used.

To achieve this required much research and development work in the fields of material selection, microchip-to-antenna bonding techniques, and methods of embedding microchips into plastic. During the development of security features for plastic products, we formulated 'Blik', a personalized image, element made with a laser, as well as cards with transparent windows and embossing colour-shifting elements.

Our company not only produces electronic documents but also personalises them using graphic and electronic technologies.

The Main Personalisation Center, founded in 2006 at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak, produces up to 5 million biometric passports annually.

The Multifunctional Personalisation Center at the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak, an important part of the state system of production, personalization and control of new generation passport and visa documents, started operating in 2012. It was here that Goznak masters developed and perfected the process of personalising passports with Russian microchips, Universal Electronic Cards, compulsory medical insurance, documents, and also payment cards.

The Multifunctional Personalisation Center is certified compliant with the physical and logical security requirements and standards of the MasterCard international payment system Goznak has previously been certified by MasterCard and Visa to produce blank bank cards.

Goznak is able to increase production and personalisation volumes of a broad range of electronic documents.

The branches of Goznak work with personal data in the document production and personalisation process. Therefore, the company is obliged to provide a high level of security in its production processes and to create a secure data processing and storage system, another duty which Goznak has successfully undertaken.

The Electronic Data Processing and Storage Center is also a part of the state system of producing , personalising and controlling new generation passport and visa documents. Goznak offers government authorities and state non-budgetary funds the relocation of external information systems, long-term guaranteed electronic document and information storage and other electronic services on its premises.

One of the security technologies developed by the specialists at Goznak is already patent protected.

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