Social responsibility

Goznak delivers sustainable business development, focusing not only on the economic but also social activity of the company.

The Companys industrial relations policy is based on partnership and mutual respect. This allows us to achieve high labour productivity, staff loyalty and a more creative approach to work. As a result, our staff turnover is more stable, reducing recruitment and training costs.

The Companys sustainable development depends on the skills and motivation of each and every one of Goznak's 9,000 employees.

The basic principle which forms the foundation of Goznak's personnel strategy is providing decent salary levels, stability and opportunities for comprehensive career development.

Goznak has been consistently working on forming a solid team bringing together experience, professional knowledge and the youthful energy of the growing number of young specialists. Today, 35 % of our staff are under the age of 40. One third of the Companys staff are educated to degree level.

Goznak is implementing training programmes to develop essential workplace skills, professional and management training. The Company uses special programme which facilitates the development and career growth of young talented employees.

The Company strives to create conditions for comprehensive personal development, a successful career, feeling of corporate solidarity and commitment to Goznaks interests and traditions.

Collective Treaties between the employer and the employees of the of the Company's branches provide employees with voluntary medical insurance, personal accident insurance, and a range of social guarantees, benefits and concessions.

Goznak has created a programme for the development of sport infrastructure and involvement of the employees and family members in sport and exercise.

The employees of the Branches of Goznak actively participate in in-house and regional sports competitions and go on joint excursions and trips. Children of Goznak employees spend the holidays in recreational camps.

Since 2003 Goznak has offered its employees a private occupational pension scheme. Today 3.124 former employees of the Company receive occupational pensions.

The Company respects employees privacy and does not allow any interference in their private life. Goznak provides decent salaries, stability and respects the rights of employees and offers opportunities for comprehensive career development.

The Company stringently follows the principles of corporative social responsibility: we take into consideration the interests of society and are focused on reducing the effects of our production on the environment. Goznak endeavours to use the latest energy-saving technologies, and considers implementing energy efficiency programmes to be one of its priorities. The Company fully meets all of its tax obligations.

Charity and sponsorship are an integral part of Goznak's corporate culture. The Companys efforts in this field are directed at culture, science and education, enabling scientific and technological progress, and restoring of spiritual and national values. For several years Goznak has provided assistance and support to the Fundfor Social and Cultural Initiatives, has taken part in preparations and celebrations of the annual National Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness. Every year, the Company participates in the Giving Books as a Present charity event in Moscow for visually impaired children and supports the National Live Classics competition for young readers.

Goznak actively participates in socially important projects, supports events of non-profit and charitable foundations in the regions where Goznak branches are located and provides assistance to disabled children, orphans, war veterans andmilitary and medical organizations.

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