Security policy of Joint Stock Company «Goznak»

Goznak pays special attention to security arrangements understood to be the condition of protecting our interests from inner and outer threats as well as guarding the interests of the state and customers.

The major tasks of Goznak in the field of security are:

  • Protecting the information comprising the state, business and commercial secret, as well as personal data protection;
  • Meeting the requirements of the Law of the Russian Federation and contract liabilities;
  • Organizing protection from security incidents at Goznak;
  • Provision of licensable activities of Goznak;
  • Improving competitiveness of the manufactured products and rendered services;
  • Protecting the lawful rights and interests of Goznak and its customers;
  • Organizing the inner control and risk analysis.

In order to achieve the task, Goznak is going to apply the following principles:

  • Management involvement. The top management of Goznak initiate and control the activity of security provision. The top management of Goznak comply with the same security rules as all the employees of Goznak.
  • Legitimacy. Security measures are realized at Goznak according to the active legislation of the Russian Federation and statutory and regulatory enactments accepted in accordance with it, as well as contract obligations with the partners.
  • Action coordination. Actions providing security are carried out on the basis of interaction between divisions of Goznak; the purposes, principles, methods and means are agreed between them.
  • The requirements should be recorded. Security requirements are recorded in the inner regulatory documents approved by the top management of Goznak.
  • Awareness. The written security requirements are communicated to the employees of Goznak and partners where applicable. Security training and competency tests of the employees are carried out at Goznak on a recurring basis.
  • Incident response. Factors that may lead to security incidents are detected in good time. In case such incidents occur, their reasons are detected and their after-effects are eliminated swiftly.
  • Personal responsibility. Employees of Goznak are personally responsible for compliance with the security requirements. Security functions are included into the labor agreements and job descriptions of the employees.

The Security Policy is applied to all the employees of Goznak and taken into account in relationship with partners.

The top management of Goznak take responsibility for realization of the Security Policy, provision of the necessary organizational and financial resources for solving the set tasks as well as for constant improvement of the security printing management system and the information security management system.

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