Professional safety policy

Creating favorable and safe labor conditions with the impact of harmful and dangerous production factors excluded or minimized is one of the strategic aims of the Company.

In 2013 Goznak received an international Conformance Certificate of the Professional Safety and Health Management System developed and implemented in the Company and meeting the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 international standard.

Certificate OHSAS 18001

Activities on photic environment parameter normalization, noise pollution control, forming a microclimate at work places in accordance with sanitary rules and norms have been carried out at the Branches of Goznak. Works upon replacement of building heating systems, installing and servicing of air conditioning and ventilation systems have been carried out; automated central heat supply station controlling systems have been introduced.

In 2012 the practice of dynamic control of employees’ health and assessment of work places in all divisions of Goznak was implemented in order to discover professional diseases in time.

Our Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Goznak deals with security printing, papermaking, coins and medal manufacturing. The company develops and manufactures different kinds of security products, including those utilising the latest advances in information technology.

The sophisticated equipment and processes used in the company present the main hazard to the health of our employees.

In recognising the responsibility for maintaining our employees’ health and for safety in the production process, the management of the Goznak pledges the following:

  • To follow employment law and other regulations that apply to the Goznak’s activity, including the requirements for a Workplace Health and Safety Management System;
  • To take all the necessary measures to prevent industrial injures and occupational illness, to take measures to provide favourable working conditions;
  • To provide constant perfection and improve the results of the Workplace Health and Safety Management System.

To fulfil these obligations, Goznak intends to:

  • Develop production processes, introduce equipment, technologies and protective apparatus which ensure safe working conditions;
  • Carry out effective risk management of injury and occupational illness at every stage in the management cycle, including hazard analysis, risk assessment, planning and implementing measures to reduce, control and monitor the results;
  • Involve employees in the process of improving working conditions, in assessing and implementing risk management, systematically improving staff awareness and competence in the area of occupational safety;
  • Inform subcontracted employees and other persons with access to its production facilities of the existing risks and its requirements in the area of occupational safety; control compliance with these requirements;
  • Take into account the Workplace Health and Safety requirements in the procurement of inventory items, equipment and services;
  • Participate in open dialogue with its employees, the authorities, subcontractors and suppliers about Workplace Health and Safety.

Goznak management take responsibility for fulfilling their commitments to this Policy by all means necessary.

Goznak employees bear personal responsibility for compliance with Health and Safety requirements at Goznak workstations and production facilities to the best of their ability.

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