Quality management system

«Goznak» has developed a quality management system conformed with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 which has been certified and introduced throughout the company.

In May 2017, based on the results of a supervisory audit of all company structural divisions, Goznak's quality management system conformity certificate No. 44 100 080789 was certified as valid to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate management system as per ISO 9001:2015

This certificate confirms that Goznak applies a system of management conforming with ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development and production of:

  • banknotes;
  • security printed products (including forms securities, special stamps for alcoholic products, tobacco and tobacco products);
  • blank sensitive documents (including those containing microchips);
  • record cards;
  • tickets;
  • printed materials for electronic data processing;
  • stamps (including collectables);
  • identification cards with different types of personalisation;
  • plastic cards with microchips;
  • coins;
  • special paper with security features;
  • printing paper, writing paper, drawing paper, wallpaper and paper for industrial and technical purposes.

The certificate also confirms that Goznak applies the management system in accordance with the specified standard for personalization of passport-visa documents containing electronic information media.

The Quality Policy of Goznak

The major activity of Joint Stock Company “Goznak” (Goznak) is the fulfillment of targets of cash turnover and national document circulation provision.

Goznak also works upon the society economic security provision problems: the company develops and improves the methods of effective anti-counterfeiting security of printed, paper and coin products, creates their identification and authentication systems.

Goznak meets the challenges set by using the cutting-edge technologies in combination with rich traditions and experience.

The priority directions of Goznak are:

  • preservation of the exclusive position of a supplier of products providing cash turnover and state document circulation within the territory of the Russian Federation as well as increasing Goznak’s share in the international market of banknotes and security papers;
  • provision of the customers’ security and forestalling their expectations by providing them with complex solutions based on the modern science-intensive, energy-saving technologies in both the cash turnover and the payment sphere on the whole, all kinds of identification and authentication as well as in the data storage and security sphere;
  • continuous efficiency increase of the quality management system of Goznak, provision of its uninterrupted improvement and further development;
  • constant technical re-equipment and modernization, and technological equipment maintenance quality improvement; moreover, manufacture of products corresponding to the market requirements on the basis of the existing production infrastructure.

The Executive Board of Goznak undertakes obligations to realize the Quality Policy, increase the efficiency of the quality management system and provide it with the necessary resources for its constant perfecting and conformance to the consumers’ requirements as well as requirements to the plastic card production management, legislative and regulatory requirements.

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