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Already in the second half of the 19th century, the Expedition of Storing State Papers was one of the leading world companies producing banknotes, coins, postage stamps, security papers not only for the needs of the Russian Empire, but for other countries too. Those security papers were best known for a high level of their design and printing quality.

Both in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century, the Expedition produced commemorative postage stamps under the orders from other countries, including China and Bulgaria.

The Saint Petersburg Mint struck coins under the orders from other countries. The last order accepted by the Government of the Tsarist Russia was minting coins for Persia. The mint still worked upon the order in 1918.

The traditions laid already in the 19th century at the Expedition of Storing State Papers were preserved and continued by the craftsmen of Goznak.

During the soviet time, Goznak printed banknotes, minted coins and produced souvenir sheets under the orders of many countries.

Today, exporting is one of the major activities of our company. The growing number of foreign clients, the expanding set of external orders provide Goznak with the leading positions on the international market of security products. The company has great manufacturing experience of various kinds of security products for the countries of the Latin America, Near East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other countries.

The list of exported products of Goznak includes:

• banknotes;

• banknote and other kinds of security paper;

• circulation and other kinds of coins;

• forms of identification documents (including electronic passports);

• forms of security documents (various kinds of stamps, certificates, diplomas, identity documents etc.);

• plastic cards (including electronic plastic cards);

• equipment for security product authentication;

• security features.

Goznak takes an active part in the work of leading international conferences. The company presents its brand-new developments at the following conferences: Optical Documents Security in San-Francisco, World Money Fair and Printed Electronics Europe, Secure Documents World, International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS in Moscow, at the International Banknote Designers Conference, the African Conference of Banknotes and Security Documents Printers, the European and Asian Conferences of High Security Printing, Intergraf, Banknote Conference, International Watermark Conference in Russia etc.

The modern strategy of Goznak’s activity is based upon adherence to innovations combined with the traditions of reliability and quality and constant commitment to leadership on the international market.

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