Energy policy

The energy policy of Goznak

Goznak is one of the major players in the world market of high security products carrying out the full cycle of works connected with the production and organization of circulation of payment means, security papers, documents, special and postage stamps.

The main directions of the companyпїЅs activity are printing, paper and coin and order production, development of control systems of documents and banknotes in circulation, data processing and guaranteed storage services as well as IT services.

Carrying out the tasks Goznak is facing is connected with considerable consumption of energy resources (electric power, thermal power, natural gas, water), therefore one of the factors of the companyпїЅs stable functioning is managing the energy efficiency, and the energy policy is a part of the general policy of Goznak.

In its activities, Goznak follows the following principles:

  • increasing the energy efficiency by means of energy-saving arrangements realization;
  • rational usage of energy and natural resources;
  • decrease of negative impact upon environment as a result of decreasing the consumption of fuel and power resources.

To follow the mentioned principles, Goznak enters into commitments:

  • to improve the energy characteristics of the enterprise activity constantly by means of implementing, maintaining and improving the energy management system according to the requirements of ISO 50001:2011 пїЅEnergy management systems. Requirements and manualпїЅ;
  • to provide the compliance of the companyпїЅs activity with the legislative, normative and other requirements accepted at the company regarding energy consumption and usage as well as energy efficiency;
  • to increase the energy efficiency by means of realizing the Power Saving Program arrangements;
  • to optimize the energy consumption in the most energy-intensive processes;
  • to implement modern methods of energy consumption accounting and monitoring;
  • to establish unified approaches to fuel and power resources planning and norming;
  • to manage the effective energy use on the basis of regular evaluation of significant energy consumers as well as energy consumption monitoring;
  • to purchase energy-efficient equipment with improved energy characteristics as well as take into account energy-saving requirements when buying other kinds of products and services;
  • to take into account energy-saving requirements in engineering;
  • to increase the motivation of the enterprise employees in rational and effective fuel and power resources expenditure;
  • to engage the personnel into the process of improving the power-saving culture.

The management of Goznak accepts responsibility for the informational and resources' provision of fulfilling the present policy and for its acceptance, understanding and support by all the companyпїЅs employees.

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