Environmental policy

At Goznak, we aim to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment. These aims are very important to us.

Goznak has been rated as one of the top Russian companies for environmental policy and energy-saving between 2005 and 2011.

In 2011 Goznak received an international certificate for ecological management, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2004 environmental standard.

In 2018 Goznak received an international certificate for ecological management, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental standard.

Certificate ISO 14001

The Company is currently carrying out its energy saving and efficiency programme, which lasts till 2020.

Goznak believes that the environment is everyone’s responsibility and that all employees should be accountable for their environmental and energy-saving performance. Consequently, we use modern equipment, high-tech and low-toxic materials in the production process.

Environmental policy

Goznak is a unique enterprise in the nationally important fields of security printing, paper, coin and order production. Branches of Goznak are located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and in Perm Region.

Goznak attaches great importance to effective waste management and reducing emissions.

The management of Goznak are aware of their environmental responsibility and accept the following obligations:

  • To follow the Federal and local environmental management and environment protection regulations which are relevant to our business, including the Company's internal regulatory documents;
  • To comply with the Russian and international standards for ecological management;
  • To take every possible action to decrease and prevent negative environmental impact, taking into account the Company's current technological expansion and financial ability;
  • To continuously improve ecology management and make it more effective.

To fulfill these obligations, Goznak intends to:

  • Use natural resources and energy sensibly;
  • Introduce waste-free and low-waste technologies, as well as secure collection, storage and recovery of waste products;
  • Improve manufacturing processes, implement new equipment and advanced technologies aimed at reducing negative environmental impact and increasing ecological safety;
  • Manage the ecological aspects of its business effectively at all stages in the management cycle;
  • Continuously improve staff education and responsibility in the field of environmental protection and rational natural resource management;
  • Notify suppliers and contractors of their obligations under its current environmental protection policy;
  • Exchange information with third parties interested in its environmental activity.

The management of Goznak take responsibility for adherence to this policy by setting goals and targets, allocating the necessary organizational and financial recourses for achieving them, controlling and analysing the environmental activity, and implementing an ecological management system.

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