is a modern dynamically developing enterprise that has preserved and multiplied the traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers  
The Company today

Today Joint Stock Company “Goznak” is a modern dynamically developing enterprise which has preserved and built on the best traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers. Right from the very beginning of the Expedition's foundation the seeds of its future prosperity were sown. The central production site uniting all stages of banknote production, starting with papermaking and up to its designing and printing was created. It was an outstanding novelty for its time, which makes Goznak (as the Enterprise has been known since 1919) competitive even today, almost two centuries later.

Today, Goznak is a large company which is highly competitive in both the Russian and international markets for security products.

Goznak has the annual capacity to produce up to 11,000 tons of security banknote paper, 7 billion banknotes, 3,5 billion coins, 40 million passports, 30 – 45 million postage stamps (depending on the size and the printing technology), as well as the necessary number of federal special and excise stamps and other products. The Company's annual production volume stands at 46 billion roubles.

Goznak carries out its business based upon the Strategic Development Plan embracing all business activity.

Goznak consists of eight branches: the Moscow Printing Factory, the Perm Printing Factory, the Moscow Printing Works, the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill, the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill, the Moscow Mint, the Saint-Petersburg Mint and the Research Institute.

The Test Center of the Research Institute is the only laboratory in Russia officially entitled to test security products and prove the results with documents.

Around 7 thousand high-skilled professionals are employed at Goznak; many of them following the family profession going back generations.

What makes Goznak unique is our ability to execute all stages of issuing and organizing the circulation of security printed products. According to the requirements of our clients, we can develop and implement a fundamentally new security technology for printed products, and create devices to authenticate security features. Solutions chosen can also be integrated into the customers’ data processing system.

Our priority products and services are banknotes, circulation and commemorative coins, security documents, payment cards, ID documents and driving licenses, special, excise and postage stamps, security and commercial paper, security technologies, equipment for security product processing, control and accounting, personal electronic data processing and guaranteed storage services.

The Multifunctional Personalization Center is certified for compliance with the requirements and standards of the MasterCard international payment system in physical and logical safety. Goznak has been authorized to provide the personalization of MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus bank cards . Goznak had previously certified the infrastructure of blank bank cards according to the MasterCard and Visa international payment system requirements.

Goznak is able to increase the production and personalization volumes of a broad range of electronic documents.

In the process of producing personalized documents with the electronic data carrier the divisions of Goznak work with personal data. Therefore the Company is obliged to provide a high level of security in its production processes and to create a secure data processing and storage system, another duty which Goznak has successfully undertaken.

The Electronic Data Processing and Storage Center is also a part of the state system of producing, personalizing and controlling new generation passport and visa documents.

Goznak offers government authorities and state non-budgetary funds the relocation of external information systems, long-term guaranteed electronic document and information storage and other electronic services on its premises.

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