The 70th anniversary of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak!12 июля 2018 года

The 70th anniversary of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak!

The Scientific Research Institute of Goznak – the only research institute in the world developing scientific aspects of production of a wide spectrum from papermaking and security printing, coin and order production, up to development of mobile applications and devices for controlling and accounting of all products manufactured at the seven branches of Goznak – celebrated the 70th anniversary of foundation on June 24, 2018.

The Scientific Research Institute of Goznak as a specialized industrial center of scientific research and development was founded in 1948 according to a Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Thus, the Institute foundation became a jubilee gift of the Government to Goznak that celebrated its 130th anniversary then. Now, approaching the 200th anniversary, the Scientific Research Institute not only analyses the results of its 70 year-long work for the benefit of Goznak, but also directs all its efforts and creative energy to lay the foundation of the company’s success in the third century already as a locomotive of the company’s development.

The Scientific Research Institute of Goznak was founded for solving tasks connected with creating a modern banknote and coin production site in Russia. At the first stage, the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak first of all solved problems connected with the technological adaptation of papermaking and printing methods.

At the next stage that is the longest period in the Institute’s history now, the Scientific Research Institute faced the production automation task. No matter how odd it sounds today, in the 1950s – 1970s the Institute was engaged first of all in the developments allowing to move beyond manual labor. In particular, sheet-counting machines, devices for automation of banknote production and paper making processes were created.

The issues of developing security features that are major for the Institute today, appeared in the plans of the Scientific Research Institute comparatively recently – at the second half of the 1980s. The problem became urgent to a full extent only at the beginning of the 1990s due to the expansion of copying devices. It was then that the issue of principally new banknote security and a new area of work at the Institute was raised.

It was then that the optically variable security and the necessity of further scientific research in the area appeared. Until that moment, printing had played the role of security.

Because machine-readable features are unseen to the human eye, their processing speed has changed, and the necessity of creating control devices for machine-readable and certain public features has matured. It has also become one of priority directions for the Institute.

A few epochs have changed within the walls of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak during the 70 years of its operation. And today the Institute is at the intersection of times again – the modern challenges are such that the Research Institute should dynamically develop the new directions connected with information technology, biometrics, software development. These areas demand particular attention today; they will develop and remain in the focus of attention in the nearest years.

In recent years, the Scientific Research Institute has been engaged in the new, unique and interesting areas of activity. Some of the scientific developments have already been implemented into the finished products, others will be demanded and applied in the future.

In 2016, the Laboratory for testing composite products and materials of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak was accredited. In 2017, the laboratory confirmed accreditation successfully during external audit. In its results, it was noted that the Laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute is one of the best in Russia. More than 1000 tests of products arriving mostly from the branches of Goznak and external organizations were carried out at the Laboratory in 2017.

The work in another traditional direction – the area of special inks and machine-readable features – is continued. New features developed at the Institute are applied to new banknotes and export products.

Another barely noticeable but extremely important direction of work of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak is the adjustment of sensors of the counting and sorting machines to the two new banknote face values. The specialists of the enterprise managed quickly, and software of the counting and sorting machine sensors was replaced within two months since the date of putting the 200 and 2000-rouble banknotes in circulation. The replacement took place at almost 200 branches of the Central Bank in all the regions of Russia, including those hard to reach.

Due to the issue of the new banknotes, there also appeared a matter of necessity of quality control system modernization carried out simultaneously with the readjustment of the systems.

The special feature sensors on “BISM” single-copy banknote quality control systems controlling the quality of special features on the banknotes produced at Goznak were also adapted for the new banknotes.

This year, Goznak has completed the work upon creating “Banknotes of the Bank of Russia” mobile application for the Bank of Russia; it was presented on June 8, 2018 within the framework of the 27th International Financial Congress.

The application recognizes all the face values and modifications of the banknotes in circulation and shows, also in the interactive mode, how all the public security features work. The application was developed by the specialists of the Scientific Research Institute in close cooperation with the Center of Informational Systems Development and Support of the Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak.

The resulting application deserves attention and is already popular among the Russian people.

The future holds for the Scientific Research Institute – Branch of Goznak a lot of new developments, interesting and complicated tasks, successful scientific experiments and outstanding results to be used not only in Russia, but also around the world.
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