The "Regional Banknote of the Year" award7 2014

Over 270 delegates from more than 40 countries attended the recent Pan European High Security Printing Conference (HSP) held in Milan on 17-19 February. This was the first time in its 12- year history the event was brought to Western Europe. The conference was originally conceived to provide a bridge between the West and the East with much of the focus on the latest developments in Eastern Europe and the CIS states, and this was always reflected in the choice of venues - from Sofia in Bulgaria and Kiev in Ukraine, to StPetersburg in Russia and Prague in the Czech Republic.
The emphasis of the conference has not changed. In keeping with its tradition and character, Milan gave the region this years platform where new products, technical developments, problems and solutions have all been aired and shared for the benefit of government agencies, central banks, security printers and paper mills, as well as feature suppliers, system integrators and other industry stakeholders.
Regional Landscape
The general sessions opened with a session on Regional Secure Document Landscape.
This included the opening presentation from Giorgio Paesano of Banca d'ltalia on how banknote printing has changed over the last 20 years and how Banca dltalia has kept up with the changes to improve both the security and quality of its banknotes. Oxana Moiseeva of Goznak also gave a paper on the new 100 Ruble banknote issued in October last year to mark the Winter Olympics held in Russias southern resort city of Sochi.
The second session included a presentation from Martin Fiirbach of the Institute of Forensic Science of the University of Lausanne who spoke on forensic examination of counterfeited banknotes in the digital printing age, as well as presentations from Interpol on their activities in the area of anti-counterfeiting and prevention of document forgery.
The substrates, production and quality control session followed with papers from Parvis on Innovative Approach to Intaglio Print Quality Control and Lamberti on their proprietary developments in surface treatment for security paper production.
Regional Awards
In 2013 Reconnaissance International launched the Regional Banknote of Year and Regional ID Document of the Year Awards, and the first day working session finished with the winners announcement for the 2014 European Awards. The regional Banknote of the Year Award recognises outstanding achievement in the design, technical sophistication and security of a bank-note or banknote series, and this year went to the Central Bank of Russia for the new commemorative 100 Rubles Sochi banknote.
Source: Currency News March 2014
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