An island of stability 3 2013

An island of stability

Goznak is 195. The jubilee was celebrated at the beginning of September in Perm. The city was chosen for the celebration because there are two large Goznaks enterprises there the Perm Printing Factory and the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill. Both are very important not only for Goznak, but also for the economy of the Perm Region. At the celebration of Goznaks jubilee Governor Victor Basargin even called them an island of stability. The Branches, Mr. Basargin noted, work effectively and steadily regardless of a situation, execute important state orders and place highest demand on themselves.  

Money is made here
Goznak is one of the few Russian companies which during the latest economically recessional years successfully competes with the leading players of the security product field at the international market. Goznak is a unique company not only for Russia: there is no other enterprise in the world engaged simultaneously in papermaking, printing production, coin, medal and jewelry manufacture, devices and data processing and storage services. Moreover, in every direction of its activity (and such multidirectional activity originates in the history of the company) Goznak has leading positions. The companys capacities enable annual production of 11 thousand tons of security paper, 7 billion pieces of banknotes, 5 billion coins, up to 40 million passports, up to 45 million postage stamps as well as necessary quantity of federal special, excise stamps and other products. The annual turnover of products manufactured by the company is 46 billion roubles.  
Goznak today consists of three printing factories (two in Moscow and one in Perm), two paper mills (in Saint-Petersburg and Krasnokamsk), two mints (in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) as well as a research institute; the directorate of the company is in Moscow.
About 9 thousand people are employed at Goznaks enterprises, over 3.5 thousand of them at the Branches in the Perm Region

The strategic advantage
The Krasnokamsk Paper Mill today is in fact a city-forming enterprise in Krasnokamsk.  Moreover, almost 2.5 thousand people are employed at the Perm Printing Factory it is one of the leading enterprises of the city in the number of employees.
Till 1919 Goznak was called Expedition of Storing State Papers. The enterprise was created in 1818 as a facility uniting all stages of money production starting with paper formation and up to the design development and further printing. It was an outstanding novelty of organizing such enterprises, and it still makes Goznak competitive now, after almost two centuries.    
After the revolution of 1917 the printing production site was moved to Moscow but the banknote paper factory remained in Petrograd.  In due time its capacities were no longer enough, and in 1936 the Government of the USSR decided to build the second paper mill of Goznak in Krasnokamsk.    
The Krasnokamsk Paper Mill was destined to play a special part during the Great Patriotic war. It was here that the equipment and the specialists of the Moscow Printing Factory and the Leningrad Mint were evacuated. In the hardest conditions banknotes, ration cards, bond certificates were printed, coins were minted, state war decorations were produced, special and technical sorts of paper for the front were manufactured in Krasnokamsk.    
Its own production of banknote and security paper is a strategic direction of Goznaks activity, and the enterprise invests considerable money into the modernization of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill. Today Goznak is building a banknote site here, and a water purification plant to supply it with water of the corresponding quality. It is planned to launch the most cutting-edge equipment before the end of 2015. The new banknote production site will provide high quality of paper, prompt execution of orders, an opportunity to implement innovative paper security means demanded by the customers.  
Simultaneously the project of complete reconstruction of the existing papermaking machines is carried out at the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill. The aim is to replace the existing assortment of papers produced with high-tech kinds of products.
One may say that the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill of Goznak is experiencing the second birth now. Today the Mill is already coping with increased volumes of production of banknote and security paper, including supplies under the export orders. A large assortment of general paper sorts of high quality for printing, drawing, digital printing machines and even basis for fliseline wall-paper.    

Modernization of the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak
Construction of the printing site in Perm was started at the end of the 1950s. With the building of the production site and the personnel residence the staff and equipment of the Krasnokamsk branch of the printing factory created during the war were transferred to Perm. Today the Perm Printing Factory is a large branch of Goznak, one of the most modern similar production sites in Europe, a leader of production of high-quality security documents, security papers, banknotes. The factory is often called the Perm Goznak.  
During the last decade Goznak has invested considerable money into the modernization of the Perm Printing Factory. On October 5, 2006 a new banknote production site was launched here. Spacious and luminous workshops here are equipped with the most cutting-edge machines; the inner logistics is changes now storage and keeping of semi-finished products is carried out with the help of automated systems without human participation. High technologies of the automated storing were developed with the help of the Russian specialists. It is a rule of Goznak to entrust Russian companies with high-tech projects.    
The labour conditions have faced dramatic changes in recent years. The utility networks have been reconstructed: a temperature and humidity conditions control system has been organized, a compressor station for the supply of the factory with compressed air, automated boiler and refrigerating plants have been launched.  
Today the site of production of security documents on plastic substrate organized according to the most modern standards operates here. Bank cards of the VISA and MasterCard international payment systems, plastic pages with the electronic data carrier for travel passports, refugee travel documents, residence permits are produced at the factory.  
The product assortment of the factory includes policies of obligatory medical insurance, the universal electronic card. Today the identity document of the new generation which is to replace the customary passport booklets is being worked upon at the factory.    
Investments into the development and modernization of the manufacturing facilities will enable Goznak to preserve its leading positions at the Russian and international markets, particularly by means of diversification, starting with informational services and up to the production of documents of the new generation with digital data carriers. All this should strengthen the companys positions and provide its growth and development in the new conditions.  

Anatoly Nikitin, Director of the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Goznak:
   A lot of guests have visited the Perm Printing Factory during the celebration of the 195th anniversary of Goznak. What they have seen in the workshops does not coincide with our habitual apprehension of printing works. Their impressions were surprise and delight. And it is understandable. The factory is equipped with high-tech machines which make it possible to carry out most complicated operations. There are a lot of automated devices. For an outsider many things look like a fascinating attraction. For the factory personnel it is an opportunity to work with modern equipment requiring not only experience but also principally new professional knowledge and skills. Today there are no technologies connected with banknote and security document production that the Perm Printing Factory doesnt have.  

Alexander Birichevskiy, Director of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill Branch of Goznak:
Our mill is going through a difficult stage of the production expansion and modernization. The work of the mill is not stopped for a day. And at the same time major construction is going on, equipment is being purchased and delivered. Already at the beginning of 2016 a new banknote production site meeting all the most up-to-date requirements and a water purification plant will appear in Krasnokamsk. High-tech equipment will require new knowledge and skills from the personnel, but the specialists of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill have always been noted for the universality of professional skills and serious approach to their work.

Alexander Chertkov
Source:  "Expert" No. 47(877) 2013
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