20 millions of new banknotes with the image of a snowboarder have been issued for the Games in Sochi 31 2013

100 days prior to the Olympic Games the new unusual 100-rouble banknote with a snowboarder was presented in Saint-Petersburg. Its design was developed by Pavel Bushuev, a student of the Academy of Arts. The banknote was printed at Goznak.  

Ive got the new 100-rouble banknote, Georgy Luntovskiy, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Russia boasted. Its in my pocket. Its a beautiful banknote. Its pleasant to hold.  
For the first time in Russia the banknote has turned out vertical. Thats because instead of the Bolshoi Theater there are sights of Sochi on it. And the city is in mountains.
The landscape binds, explained Georgy Luntovskiy. In the top there are peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, below there are subtropical gardens and the sea. For the first time in the world the Olympic Winter Games will take place in the subtropical zone.
The central figure of the banknote is a snowboarder flying in the air. Goznaks designers explained that they examined variants with mountain skiing, ski flying But they liked the sketch by Pavel Bushuev, a graphic student of the Academy of Arts. Though the Russians have no gold medals in this sport. So far.
The guy received thirty thousand roubles as an award for the sketch. But not with the Olympic banknotes.  
I havent held it in my hands yet, confessed Pavel. It has just been presented.
This year the student will graduate. He is writing a diploma on the topic of illustrations to Tales about Gulliver.
I have not been invited to work at Goznak, said the author of the 100-rouble banknote.
Would you agree?
I dont know. I would like to paint whats interesting to me.
The new 100-rouble banknote was printed in the number of twenty million pieces. Taking into account the fact that seven or eight times more people live in Russia, the chance to receive the new banknote as change is somewhat equal to that of the victory of the Russian snowboarders in Sochi.  
We put all banknotes into circulation through commercial banks, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Russia noted. It is a mystery to me how they will be spread afterwards. We have done our business. We have printed the quantity and delivered it to the regions.
During the Olympic Games of 1980 the number of commemorative coins was only 5 million roubles, said Arkady Trachuk. And I remember seeing them in circulation. Now I have never come across the Olympic coins with the face value of 25 roubles. Though we have issued them in the number of 10 million pieces. Perhaps they will appear closer to the Games?

The Olympic banknote has been protected against counterfeiting under the cutting-edge technologies. We have even appeared one step ahead of the whole world.
It is important for a person willing to have the banknote not to receive a fake, said Arkady Trachuk.  We concentrated our attention upon the visual features. Look at the snowflakes we applied a hologram for the first time in Russia. The broad polymer band with a transparent window is an absolute novelty in the world! The firebird changes colour.
Will ATMs accept the banknote?
My personal opinion is that theres no necessity to adapt ATMs to the banknote. I dont think there will be so many people willing to pay for with it the mobile telephone via a terminal.
The commemorative banknote is the first in the history of the Russian numismatics. They dont know at the Central Bank whether it will be the last one or not.
Perhaps we will think of something for the World Cup of Football, said Georgy Luntovskiy. But we havent discussed it yet.
Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
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