The Olympic banknote will have innovative security1 2013

Goznak has applied a number of innovative security elements to the Olympic 100-rouble banknote put into circulation, as RIA Novosti quotes the announcement of General Director of the Enterprise Arkady Trachuk. The innovations will be used in new banknote development in the future, he said.
We will naturally use the experience received during the production of this lot, because 20 million pieces is not a very big lot, but it is quite demonstrative, said Trachuk.
At the same time he noted that the final decision will be made only during the new banknote development.
Broad polymer band with a transparent window is an absolute novelty in the world, such a technological solution has not ever been applied anywhere. This fact itself is reliable security, said he and also mentioned other important security elements: a specific watermark, a firebird changing colours, a hologram and a whole number of other elements.  
They will all prevent a more or less attentive person from taking a counterfeit, believes Arkady Trachuk.
Source: "Rossiyskaya gazeta"
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