Goznaks jubilee money for which countries are printed in the Kama Region4 2013

Few people think that banknote printing is also a production process. Today probably the most monetary organization of Russia Federal Enterprise Goznak is celebrating its jubilee. It is almost two centuries old.  
Today the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Federal Enterprise Goznak is one of the most modern in Europe. The leader of producing high-quality and secure documents, security papers, banknotes. The history of Goznak started in 1818 when the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded according to the Decree of Emperor Alexander I. And only in the 20th century the Expedition was reorganized and renamed Goznak.  
Building of the printing site in Perm was started in the 1950s, and now it is the largest in Goznak; its area is even larger than that of the Moscow Printing Factory.  
Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak: Today there is no technology connected with the security of banknotes, documents which cant be carried out at the Perm Printing Factory.
This year Goznak is celebrating its 195th anniversary. Victor Basargin, Head of the Region, congratulated one of the most modern printing enterprises the Perm Printing Factory with the jubilee. He visited the production sites and the museum of the Enterprise, discussed the perspectives of development of its branches in the Perm Region with the Management of Goznak.
Governor of the Perm Region Victor Basargin: In the plans of the federal enterprise there are programmes connected with enlarging the production with the help of new cutting-edge technologies. Id like to say in general that it is an island of stability of a sort, independently of any situations it is a steadily operating establishment carrying out the state orders and working effectively, to the highest level.
Few countries have such cutting-edge technologies of security paper and banknote manufacture. Today banknotes of a whole number of countries, per example, Angola, Laos, Yemen, are printed at Goznak, and this list is constantly enlarged.  
Source: VETTA. TV. News (04.09.2013)
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