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Every day Goznak adds new bright pages to its history

Goznak has celebrated its 195th anniversary. In 1818 under the decree of Emperor Alexander I the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded. It happened on August 21 (the old style) or on September 4 (the new style). On the eve of the jubilee a meeting of Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak with the journalists took place.  

Excellent results, high potential
The history of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and the history of Goznak are a unified uninterrupted chain from the legal, technological and human points of view, noted Arkady Trachuk.  That is why were celebrating the 195, and not 289 years the age counting from the date of foundation of the Saint-Petersburg Mint, per example, incorporated into Goznak since 1941. Our company has been called Goznak since 1919. By the way, the name has an interesting origin. Many people think that its an abbreviation. But in fact the word Goznak is a telegraphic address. It caught on and became a name.  
According to Arkady Trachuk, the last five years have been especially successful for Goznak, both economically and from the point of view of technological development. The company has enlarged the existing and is actively mastering new directions of activities providing intensive growth rates of the production volume and increase of economic effectiveness of the work.  
Today Goznak has a potential enough for fulfilling most complicated tasks that exist today and may appear in the future. As an example I can mention developing the document proving the identity of the citizen on the basis of a plastic card. Of the realized projects, it is worth remembering the obligatory medical insurance policy, the universal electronic card, said Akady Trachuk.  
Today the Russian Goznak is one of the five leading companies of the world producing banknotes and security products, coins and state awards.
The production capacities of Goznak enable annual production of 11 thousand tons of security banknote paper, 7 billion banknotes, 5 billion coins, up to 40 million passports, up to 45 million postage stamps as well as federal special and excise stamps and other security products.
During the last five years the sales proceeds of Goznak  have grown by 57 per cent and in 2012 comprised 45 935 million roubles.

The uninterrupted scientific research
Last August the Arbitration Court of Moscow closed the chapter on the history of claims of the German company Giesecke & Devrient to Goznak.  A year and a half ago the company announced that Goznak had supposedly infringed its patent rights during the production of the Russian 5000-rouble banknote (of the old model). One of the security elements of the banknote was made with the application of colour-shifting ink. The representatives of Giesecke & Devrient supposed that their patented technology had been applied. But in fact the specialists of Goznak developed their own patented technology allowing to achieve a similar result. And the expertise showed that with the conceptually similar approach there are at least two features in which Goznaks invention formula is different from the one the Germans possess.  
As a result, on August 7 the Arbitration Court of Moscow dismissed the claim of the German company to Goznak.
When manufacturing security products, we base upon serious scientific research. And the work is not timed to coincide with the issue of this or that product it is conducted constantly, said Arkady Trachuk.  

Among the leaders of the world market
The General Director of Goznak narrated about the success achieved by the company at the international market. In the last five years Goznak has made a breakthrough by entering the competitive and high-tech international market of banknote supply. In the 1990s Goznak practically left the international banknote market completely. There were several reasons for that; one of them was the limitation of Goznaks production capacities which hardly managed printing the Russian banknotes during the hyperinflation period of the 1990s. Companies from Europe and North America occupied its place.
The return to the international market required great efforts in the fields of production modernization and retrofitting, competitive product developing and promoting.  
But it was an uneasy process, noted Arkady Trachuk. Nobody was waiting for us at the market. We carried out laborious and painstaking work. We hope that weve come back to the market for a long time.
Today Goznak exports over 1 billion banknotes per year and occupies a place among the five world leaders in this index. The banknotes produced at Goznak are in circulation in ten countries, including countries like Yemen, Cambodia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Malaysia and others.
At the end of 2012 Goznak shipped the press-run of 9 face values of banknotes and 4 face values of coins produced under the order of the National Bank of the Republic of Angola. Since January the new Angolan banknotes and coins have been in circulation.  

Cash will not disappear
The journalists asked, whether non-cash payments that are becoming a part of daily life have affected the volume of cash in the country.  
According to Arkady Trachuk, today the situation is the following: in spite of the fact that the share of non-cash payments grows every year, the number of cash in circulation grows too. And it is not only a Russian tendency a similar situation is observed in Europe and Japan.
Its another thing that with the growth of non-cash payments the banknote proportion in circulation will also change, Arkady Trachuk noted. According to the information from the Bank of Russia, today the 1000 and 5000-rouble banknotes prevail in circulation. But if large payments migrate to the non-cash sphere, the number of banknotes of the lower face values will grow.  

The Watermark, August 2013
Source: The Watermark, August 2013 Issue 4 (102), Elena Voskanyan
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