McDonald’s issues the traditional McDonald’s coin for friends in Russia 26 ноября 2019 года

McDonald’s issues the traditional McDonald’s coin for friends in Russia

McDonald’s issues the traditional McDonald’s coin for friends in Russia


Each of us compiles a small collection throughout his life. In most cases, those are magnets or mugs.

In their childhood, many people collected stickers or badges; for the majority, such avocations remain simply hobbies. However, there are people for whom certain objects become their heart’s desire. Sometimes such collections even make their owner famous! What can one collect for benefit or pleasure in our days?  


At the dawn of time already, a game was one of favorite occupations for a man. First twigs  and stones, and then figurines, cards and chess. The appearance of computer games and add-ons has become the evolution pinnacle. There are a few well-known collectors who have CDs with games issued in 1985 – 2000, for example. By the way, the largest collection of computer games in the world is put at $ 700,000! Perhaps there are a few CDs with quests and shoot'em ups at your home that could become the first showpieces?  

Coins are another passion of collectors. Thanks to innovative technologies, they have become true pieces of art in our days. Their cost depends on the artistic design, the number of pieces and the reason for their manufacture. For example, there are commemorative tokens produced in limited numbers, and in the future their price may increase considerably. Knowing that, some people buy such commemorative tokens for their collections on purpose.

Today, McDonald’s has brought joy to numismatists. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary in Russia, the company has issued a limited number of McDonald’s Coins – commemorative tokens with the images of the Russians’ favorite products. Goznak has produced the coins, and that means that McDonald’s souvenirs are noted for their execution quality and artistic solution.


“We congratulate McDonald’s with the 30th anniversary of successful work in Russia and are happy to take part in the issue of the limited number of McDonald’s Coins dedicated to this milestone event. Together with the company, we have tried to transmit the idea of “30 years of Friendship” in the ready product as brightly and interestingly as possible.  Every McDonald’s Coin will have the mint’s logo on it. It is a quality mark of Goznak products that has been awarded with international prizes for high execution level many times. I am sure the commemorative series will be interesting to both the brand fanciers and friends and collectors interested in numismatic rarities that McDonald’s Coins definitely belong to”, said Dmitry Shishkin, Deputy Head of Customer Relations Division of Goznak.   

The commemorative Coin is a living manifestation of history. The history of the years-long friendship between McDonald’s and millions of Russians. The company is also one of the largest employers in the food service industry providing more than 58,000 employees with workplaces.  

“We always strive at making a visit to McDonald’s pleasant, comfortable and unforgettable for every guest. For that purpose, McDonald’s constantly offers something new to its visitors. On our birthday, we will keep this good tradition and offer McDonald’s Coins that the visitors can either keep or receive a guaranteed gift with them”, shared Daria Nazarkina, Vice-President of McDonald’s on Marketing.

Coins are issued within the territory of Russia only and will be available within a strictly limited period of time. On November 25 – January 5, it will be possible to receive them if one buys a large McCombo. It means they represent an additional interest for foreign collectors. And as soon as commemorative Coins appear at McDonald’s, it is worth hunting for them, because there are 6,000,000 of them only!

The most important thing is to receive the Coins during the action, and it has already started.  

“Commemorative coins issued by McDonald’s for the 30th jubilee of the company’s work in Russia will be interesting for the young people who know the company well first of all. Such commemorative objects are not issued often in the world, and one can compile an interesting collection”, - believes Mikhail Grishko, an appraiser of “Numismatist” club

Of course, it is not necessary to sell or exchange them – one can keep them as a souvenir. The most important thing is to receive Coins during the action, and it will start very soon.

By the way, some collectors are so absorbed with collecting that they appear in Guinness Book of Records. For example, the collection of erasers of a seven-year old Khana is now one of the largest in the world and is put at 2 thousand pound sterling! And an American citizen has the most complete collection of yo-yo – more than 10 thousand pieces.   

Some things do not become popular at once, therefore any purchase can become a winning ticket. McDonald’s can serve as an example again – a rating of the Happy Meal toys most valuable for collectors was concluded last year. Soft TY Teenie Beanie toys issued in 2000 were chosen the most valuable pieces the cost of which can reach $ 450. The parents who bought a tasty meal and a toy for their children are surely twice as happy now.  

Source: The Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper, November 25, 2019.


Source: Комсомольская правда
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