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Goznak has issued Banknotes 2017 free mobile application helping to detect raw counterfeits of the new banknotes with the face values of 200 and 2000 roubles. One can download the application at the site of Goznak (, and at GooglePlay.  
The application is now available for devices with Android operating system, and in one or two days it will appear for iOs, according to the General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk at the press conference at RIA Novosti. The telephone should have a camera with the resolution of not less than 5 MP and auto focus.  
"The application may turn out to be a useful assistant for a person who is not very familiar with the new banknotes yet, said Mr. Trachuk.
6,200 counterfeited banknotes with the face value of 5 thousand roubles were detected in the third quarter of 2017. These banknotes are counterfeited most often; counterfeits of the new banknotes (200 and 2000 roubles) have not been detected yet.
Such a solution using only the smartphone camera is the second in the world to be presented to the wide public. Another one has been presented by the National Bank of the Netherlands for the euro banknotes, said Arkady Trachuk. However, we applied different elements of information processing.
The banknote authentication technology is quite plain. It is necessary to switch on the application, the smartphone camera and direct it at the banknote twice by positioning it, as we say, on the flat and at an angle. The smartphone confirms every correct camera positioning with vibrating, and is the authenticity characteristics match, there appears a note, authentication features have been detected.  
The banknote authentication with the help of a smartphone camera depends on light a lot, warned Mr. Trachuk. The daylight level is recommended; however, it is advisable to avoid bright light beams directed at the banknote.
Arkady Trachuk noted that it had taken some time to find the algorithms and approaches allowing to speak about the reliability of security features. There are still doubts that it is possible to fined them for all banknotes in circulation; nevertheless, Goznak is planning to develop applications for authenticating other banknotes too.  
Goznak is planning to develop mobile applications for authenticating all banknotes in circulation
Goznak is not planning to replace authentication controls systems with such application, Arkady Trachuk answered the question of Rossiyskaya Gazeta. In the future, we will make sure the application does not detect banknotes with counterfeited elements as genuine; that is what is critical for us, he summarized.

Taras Fomchenkov

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta No. 7474 (11)
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