The art of making money 25.04.2017

Goznak is testing new solutions for minting coins
A commemorative coin with the face value of 20 thousand roubles made of pure gold and dedicated to the finalists of the competition of choosing the symbols for the new banknotes of the Bank of Russia with the face values of 2000 and 200 roubles will be produced under a brand new technology that has never been applied in Russia before. Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, has informed about that.  

“It will be an original solution that has never been applied in the practice of minting of the Russian commemorative coins. Due to external factors, I cannot share the details now. It will become possible after the coin sample is approved”, said Arkady Trachuk.  

The Bank of Russia is planning to issue the coin made of 1.75 kilogram of pure gold at the second half of 2017 in a limited number – 50 pieces only.  

It will be struck at the Moscow Mint. During the last few years, the enterprise has faced a large-scale modernization. The production site was equipped with cutting-edge automated machinery for the production and packing of subsidiary coins of base metals and commemorative coins of gold and silver. According to Arkady Trachuk, the modernization has made it possible to increase labour productivity by far.

Employees of the Moscow Mint have calculated that 10 or 15 minutes are enough to strike a monthly salary of one employee using the new equipment. By the way, the average salary at the enterprise comprises about 50 - 55 thousand roubles per month.

"Automation of the process has reached a very high level. However, manual labour still remains and will always be a necessary part of both banknote production and coin minting. There is work that only a man can do”, said Arkady Trachuk.

By the way, Arkady Trachuk has confirmed the plans of Goznak to issue a plastic commemorative banknote dedicated to FIFA World Cup that will take place in Russia in 2018. “The novelty is that we are planning to use substrate made in Russia for this banknote production. It will be a completely plastic banknote without paper”, specified Mr. Trachuk.  

Text: Julia Krivoshapko
Photos: Sergey Mikheev

Source: “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, Federal Issue No. 7254 (88)
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