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General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk has told us whom the printing machine belongs to now

The main cash supplier in Russia has become a joint stock company. It made many people ask questions like, whether Goznak is a private company now. Rossiyskaya Gazeta has asked Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, to answer them.

So, what is Goznak now?

Arkady Trachuk: Goznak has become a joint stock company. For those not acquainted with the judicial nuances of organizational forms, I can put it simpler the only shareholder of Goznak is the state. There are representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Rosimuschestvo, and the Bank of Russia in the Board of Directors. Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance, is Head of the Board of Directors.

By the Presidents Decree, Goznak was included into the list of strategic enterprises and joint stock companies. Disposition of shares is only possible with the Presidents permission. In this sense, there cannot be any uneasiness that the state may lose control of Goznaks activity. The control provided now is not less than when we worked within the framework of a federal state unitary enterprise. Taking into account the corporate procedures, Goznaks activity may have become even more transparent. Every member of the Board of Directors understands how it all works and what he should pay attention to very well.

How many bureaucrats are there in the Board of Directors?

Arkady Trachuk: Except for me and our Director of Legal Matters, all the other members of the Board of Directors of Goznak work in the federal government executive bodies and the Bank of Russia.

Goznak is going to fortify its positions in the Latin America and look for orders in Africa

So, the withdrawal of bureaucrats from the state companies has not had anything to do with your company, has it?

Arkady Trachuk: The structure of the Board of Directors reflects the tasks allotted to Goznak by the government. In its decisions it takes into account that Goznak should fill the demand of the government in cash circulation and other products necessary for the provision of the state document circulation.

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has proposed to forbid state-run companies to acquire new assets and to stimulate their sales of non-core assets. Has Goznak got a lot of those?

Arkady Trachuk: Of non-core assets, we have next to nothing already, except for two small medical sanitary stations. We got rid of many things during the last few years, before becoming a joint stock company. Those were mostly assets we did not need in the process of our industrial activity.

The situation is more difficult with the core assets. All the production assets are included into a general technological chain.

It is difficult to say, what will happen in 10 or 15 years due to the change of demand for certain products and an opportunity to relink the production. It is quite possible that there will appear certain opportunities. However, it is too early to speak about that now.

Has the strategy of Goznaks development been approved already?

Arkady Trachuk: The strategy, like the major development directions, has been approved in principle. The long-term development program providing details to the strategy has not been approved. It is being agreed at the moment. I believe we will accomplish this work in a couple of months.

Speaking about the key directions, it is export first of all. We see our task in strengthening the positions in the international market, entering new markets, broadening the geography of our export. We co-operate with customers practically in all the continents, except for Australia. Our aim today is to fortify our position in the Latin America even more, to see new customers in Africa.

We still see the potential for the commemorative coin market development. We have done a lot of things in this direction together with the Bank of Russia. In our opinion, the potential of this market has not been used in full, and it can be developed actively.

As for the security documents, everything is a little more complicated. Because the market is decreasing, to put it mildly. Either more and more documents migrate to the electronic shape, or a combined solution is applied, when both the printed document (plainer already) and the electronic system are used simultaneously. The decision to provide services of the data processing centers was taken in order to meet the demand of customers who use the combined solution.

For the last four years, we have been creating and operating the Data Processing Center, providing a set of data services for the public authorities and commercial organizations. The center has modern engineering and informational and technological infrastructure enabling us to provide services of allocating outer state informational systems at the technological facilities, long-term and guaranteed storage of electronic documents and information as well as IT services.

It is also a new direction of Goznaks activity that we are developing actively.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta Federal Issue No. 7225 (59)
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