A paperless banknote is being prepared for the World Cup 2018 25.07.2016

Working upon the design of the commemorative banknote dedicated to the World Cup 2018 is almost accomplished. At the moment, there exist at least six design variants. The matter of printing the banknote on no paper but on an untraditional material for Russia is also being discussed. By the end of the year, all decisions concerning the design and technologies should be taken, so that in the middle of 2017 Goznak could start printing the commemorative banknote dedicated to the World Cup. Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, has told Izvestia about that and some other aspects of working upon the new banknote.  
The 100-rouble commemorative banknote dedicated to the World Cup of 2018 will already be the third of the kind. The commemorative banknote dedicated to the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 was the first, and the 100-rouble banknote dedicated to the reunion with Crimea issued in 2015 was the second one. The fact that the Central Bank was planning to perpetuate the World Cup of 2018 in a banknote became known at the end of last year. However, there havent been any details since then.
Arkady Trachuk informed Izvestia that working upon the World Cup 2018 commemorative banknote is close to the final stage.
If we plan announcing the new banknote 100 days prior to the event, it will be the spring of 2018. Consequently, we should start printing it in the middle of 2017. And by the end of this year, we should choose the design, the technological solutions and the material completely. And start the printing process, said the General Director of Goznak.  
He said that the matter of applying an unusual material for the banknote is being discussed with the Bank of Russia at the moment and emphasized the fact that it is too early to say that this variant will be chosen because there should be an integral concept.  
The variant of something other than paper is being viewed, said Arkady Trachuk. He added that there are not so many variants of untraditional materials (or substrates, as professionals call them). In particular, it can be plastic or a composite material.
According to Mr. Trachuk, for example, in some countries there are banknotes made of a combination of paper and plastic. The experience of various countries is being studied closely at the moment, but so far untraditional materials are not planned to be applied in the common banknotes because the company considers that inexpedient. However, a commemorative banknote is quite another thing.  
It should be a banknote quite different from the customary ones. We always strive to make a commemorative banknote differ for the customary ones in its design, technological solutions and the set of security features. We will try to keep to the tradition, for the new banknote to be unusual. And now we already realize that it will be a success, Arkady Trachuk assured us.  
He promised that interesting design solutions would be applied to join everybody holding the banknote to a great event.
We aspire to show both the history of football and its present on the banknote, to emphasize the involvement of the whole country in the World Cup, Mr. Trachuk noted.  
Arkady Trachuk also said that the artists of Goznak together with their colleagues from the Bank of Russia continue to work upon the design using the results of an artistic competition the company held with the participation of ten educational institutions from the cities that will host the play-offs, who expressed their wish to take part in the artistic competition (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Saransk, Sochi, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Yekaterinburg). And though nobody won the first place that would guarantee that the design idea would be applied on the banknote in full, design elements offered by the students are now taken into account by the professionals. At least six variants are considered now.  
The artists of Goznak and the Bank of Russia work taking into account the competition results. We are trying to find place for all the cities where the World Cup will take place, on the commemorative banknote. However, we will not be able to depict all the eleven stadiums on the banknote, of course. It is impossible, said Mr. Trachuk.
He informed that the number of 20 million pieces of banknotes was discussed preliminarily. But the decision hasnt been taken yet.
The colour also remains a mystery. Head of Goznak only noted that it would be a warm pastel shade.
Plastic (polymer) banknotes are made of polymer materials. Their production is more expensive, but their durability is a few times longer than that of the paper ones. Besides, it is believed that they are more hygienic because they do not absorb sweat or liquid. There are plastic banknotes in one form or another in 48 countries of the world. The majority of them are countries with humid and hot climate.  
Source: Izvestia, 25.07.2016, Anna Kaledina
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