Export and Innovation Drive for Goznak24 ноября 2014 года

In its recently-published Annual Report for 2013, the Russian banknote and security printer Goznak reported sales of US $1.3 billion (43.2 billion rubles), a 2.7 % decline on the previous year, but an increase of 10% in net profit to $222m (7 billion Roubles). Just under 20% of sales were in banknotes, and 8.5% in coins. The company also produces electronic documents, stamps, personalisation services, banknote and security papers, and licenses its security features and technologies.

Highlights of the year included the production of the award-winning 100 Rouble Sochi banknote for the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games – the first commemorative banknote in Russia`s history. It also produced a number of commemorative coins for the event, along with badges and medals, stamps and accreditation documents.

As well as producing banknotes and coins for Russia, it exports to a number of countries, uncluding – in 2013 – the delivery of a new banknote and coins series to Angola, and a contract to design Rwanda`s new 2,000 and 5,000 Francs. It produced 4,500 tonnes of banknotes paper, which is used both for Russian banknotes and some 20 other countries around the world.

It also extended a cooperation agreement with China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation for the licensing of two of its security technologies – MVC and VFI. The value of exports was in the region of $113m - up by 55% from 2012. In particular, the export of coin products increased tenfold.

During 2013, Goznak received five patents for its inventions. One was for a new method for marking coins based on inorganic luminophores, which was recognised as one of the `100 Best Inventions of Russia 2013`by Rospatent.

Source: Currency News
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