Information message of the Press-Service of Goznak18.06.2014

On June 4, 2014 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 404 About Open Joint-Stock Company Goznak.

According to the Presidents Decree, the Government of the Russian Federation should accomplish all procedures of reorganizing Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak to Open Joint-Stock Company Goznak.

100% of shares of Goznak JSC will be federal property.

One should emphasize that the Decree stipulates preserving continuity and integrity of Goznaks activity, thus providing the continuity of the Enterprise that has been working uninterruptedly for over 195 years already. Goznaks history started in 1818 when the Expedition of Storing State Papers (Goznak since 1919) was founded by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I. The Companys history has not been interrupted for a day in the legal sense or in the human dimension, which is not less important.

The Companys traditional activity directions the production of banknotes, subsidiary and commemorative coins, the State awards of the Russian Federation, forms of documents proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation within the territory of our country and abroad, the State security papers, excise and special stamps, postage stamps, special sorts of security paper (including sorts with watermarks, forms of documents of strict accounting) the forms of which are approved by the President, the Government or Federal Executive Bodies of the Russian Federation have been determined in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

Simultaneously, the list of priority activities of the Company has been extended in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation; personalization, storage and processing of documents in the interests of the state authorities have been added to it. Goznak has been developing this new activity direction successfully for the last few years. The Presidents Decree has confirmed the importance of the work for the state document circulation.

Goznak JSC should become a market-oriented company able to develop additional activity directions, with better opportunities for adapting its activity to the constantly changing conditions of the market.

The reorganization of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak to Open Joint-Stock Company with the 100 per cent shareholding of the State will contribute to application of cutting-edge technologies and best corporate management standards inherent to joint-stock companies.

In the next one and a half years, a large preparatory work connected with the state registration of the proprietary right of Goznak JSC to the property complex, signing agreements for further use of property not included into the privatized property complex, reissuance of other documents, licenses, special documents etc. will be carried out. At the same time, continuity of the Companys operation will be provided.

It is planned to accomplish the reorganization of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak to Open Joint-Stock Company Goznak in December 2015.

For reference:

GOZNAK is the oldest Russian company successfully working on both the inner and international market of security products.

Eight branches are incorporated into GOZNAK: the Moscow Printing Factory, the Perm Printing Factory, the Moscow Printing Works, the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill, the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill, the Moscow Mint, the Saint-Petersburg Mint, the Research Institute.

The Testing Center operates on the basis of the Research Institute of Goznak. It is the only laboratory in Russia entitled to test security products officially and confirm the results with documents.

Among the major activity directions of GOZNAK there are:

  • Production of special and industrial sorts of paper
  • Printing production
  • Plastic card production
  • Production of coins, medals, state awards and jewelry
  • Development of sensors and systems of document and banknote authentication control
  • Services of processing and guaranteed storage of electronic data

GOZNAK is one of the five largest players of the world market of high-security products offering to the potential customers the full cycle of works connected with the production and organization of circulation of payment instruments, security papers, documents, special and postage stamps. The Company develops new security features, implements them in the products and creates systems and devices of authenticity control applied in the circulation of banknotes and documents.

The production capacities of GOZNAK enable it to produce 11 thousand tons of security banknote paper, 7 billion pieces of banknotes, 5 billion of coins, up to 40 million passports as well as the necessary quantities of postage, excise stamps and other products per year. In 2013 the sales proceeds amounted to 43.2 billion roubles, the net profit was 7.1 billion roubles.

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