Goznak has brought an award from Washington 21.04.2014

A new security element Zebra developed by the specialists of Goznak was one of the awardees of the Excellence in Currency Awards competition in the nomination of The Best New Currency Feature held by IACA (International Association of Currency Affairs).
International Association of Currency Affairs has held the Excellence in Currency Awards international competition biannually since 2007.  
Award winners of the Excellence in Currency Awards-2014 competition were announced within the framework of the Banknote Conference in Washington in April.
Deputy General Director of science and development Andrey Kuryatnikov described the competition and the award received by Goznak:
Goznak is not a member of the International Association of Currency Affairs. But as a participant of the Banknote Conference, we were offered to present our developments in the sphere of security elements to the IACA Competition Committee.  
Goznak submitted two security elements to the Competition. Together with KURZ the supplier of holograms for the commemorative Olympic banknote - the security element consisted of two components the Olympic fire and the pole of the Olympic torch. The torch pole represents the HMC security feature patented by Goznak, and the fire is a hologram produced by KURZ.
Simultaneously Goznak submitted another security element applied in the manufacture of the commemorative Olympic banknote. Zebra element is in the transparent window with a plastic strip. The window looks like window glass on a frosty day in the transmitted light, and the snowflake on it becomes bright blue or white with the change of the tilt angle.  
The joint development Rolling Star + SPARK of Louisenthal and SICPA, Zebra of Goznak, Swing of Oberthur and Orbital of De La Rue took part in the competition final.
It is already the second time that Goznak has been an awardee of the international competition. The first award was received a few years ago for the Winged thread security feature developed and patented by our company.  
Other companies have technologies of embedding wide polymer band into the banknote too. But as for the feature in the window itself, a brand new idea has been applied here.
Zebra may become the progenitor of a series of new equally as effective features.
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