The best Russian stamp of 2013 has been chosen 27.03.2014

Philatelists who took part in voting at the site of Publishing and Trading Centre Marka chose four postage stamps Cones of bump coniferous trees and bushes of the Flora of Russia series to be the best postage miniatures of 2013.  
The design author of the winning stamps is A. Povarikhin. The stamps were made using offset printing on self-adhesive paper at the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Goznak.
Juniperus davurica,  microbiota decussata a coniferous bush of the cypress family, larix cajanderi the northernmost tree and picea obovata Siberian spruce are depicted on the stamps.  
The face value of the winning stamps is 15 roubles. They are issued in sheets of 8 (2 x 4) stamps with structured margins on self-adhesive paper.
The number of copies is 110 thousand copies of each stamp (55 thousand sheets).

The Shawls series, the four designs of which are dedicated to samples of shawls in the style of Trehgornaya Manufactura, Karabanovo, Pavlovskiy Posad and Orenburg, won the second position in the voting. They were produced at the Moscow Printing Factory.
The third place was occupied by the block of three stamps The historical center of Saint-Petersburg issued within the framework of the World Cultural Heritage of Russia series. The stamps were also produced at the Moscow Printing Factory.  
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