The visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne14.02.2014

On February 14 during the visit to Saint-Petersburg Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visited the Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak.  
Her Royal Highness Princess Anne was accompanied by her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, Ambassador of Great Britain in the Russian Federation, General Consul of Great Britain in Saint-Petersburg Keith Allan and representatives of the Royal Mint closely connected to the Saint-Petersburg Mint.
The distinguished guest visited the workshops of the Saint-Petersburg Mint and the Muntz-cabinet. During the visit to the workshops Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and her husband examined the coin minting process and conversed with the workers. The distinguished guests surveyed the commemorative coins of the Olympic programme struck at the Saint-Petersburg Mint. In the Muntz-cabinet antique tools, including the old punch of 1725, attracted the attention of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.
Her Royal Highness Princess Anne was shown works of Benjamin Scott, a Scottish medallier who worked at the Saint-Petersburg Mint since 1751, founded a school for medalliers and made a great contribution to forming the Russian medal traditions.
Her Royal Highness Princess Anne examined the donative so-called “Family Coin” of 1836 minted under the order of Emperor of Russia Nikolay I with a special feeling.
Emperor Nikolay I is depicted on the obverse of the “Family Coin”. Empress Alexandra and their 7 children – 4 boys and 3 girls – are on the reverse. Including the future Emperor Alexander II, Their Imperial Highnesses Olga Nikolaevna, Alexandra Nikolaevna, Maria Nikolaevna, Nikolay Nikolaevich. And Konstantin Nikolaevich – great grandfather of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne.
Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna, the daughter of Konstantin Nikolaevich was grandmother of Prince Philip, husband of Her Royal Majesty Elisabeth II.
Totally 36 such coins with the face value of 1.5 roubles and 10 zloty were issued: a gold one for Emperor Nikolay I, and 35 coins of silver.
The double face value in roubles and zloty was explained by the fact that the coins of that period were designed for circulation not only in Russia, but the Kingdom of Poland too, which had been adjoined to Russia not long before that.
These coins had never been sold at auctions till February 2012, when the “Family Coin” was immediately bought at an auction in Berlin by an unknown person.  
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