1 million of Olympic badges were produced to commemorate the Olympic Games of 2014 12.02.2014

A badge dedicated to the major sports competitions is not only a memory of the Olympic Games. It has a collector value preserved for years and handed down from generation to generation.  
As an official licensee of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and the 11th Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Goznak has a right to issue badges, lapel pins and commemorative medals with the symbols of the Olympic Games of 2014 and their sales within the territory of Russia.
As Kirill Pavlov, Sales Director of Goznak, noted, 1 million over 100 kinds of badges have been produced for the Olympic Games. The exclusive design of each kind was developed by the specialists of Goznak. The badges were made at the minting presses using the technology of cold massive forming with clamp, clamp-butterfly or butterfly fastening.  
About 250 thousand badges dedicated to the 22nd Olympic and 11th Paralympic Games of 2014 in Sochi have already been sold. Almost 400 thousand are shipped to the Olympic facilities in Sochi.
The badges at the Olympic facilities of the upper and lower Olympic clusters are on sale at the shops of Bosco.
At the same time, the Olympic badges are sold by multiple distributors within the territory of the city of Sochi, at the railway and bus stations, at the airports of the Olympic region.
We receive orders from the distributors for the supply of 15 20 thousand badges. We hope that by the end of the Olympic Games all the badges we produced will be sold out, said Kirill Pavlov. As for the commemorative Olympic medals, the collectors bought them long before the Olympic Games, right after they appeared at the shops.  
Badges with the symbols of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and the 11th Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi are also available at the site of Russmint Goznaks internet shop.
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