To the conqueror of the siege of Leningrad 01.11.2013

The presentation of the Conqueror of the siege of Leningrad commemorative medal took place on October 10 in Moscow. The medal was produced at the Saint-Petersburg Mint under the order of the Moscow Public Organization of Defenders and Inhabitants of Besieged Leningrad.  
The medal is made of tombac in the number of 170 pieces. The customers dedicated the medal issue to the 70th anniversary of complete release from siege of the hero city of Leningrad that will be celebrated in January 2014.
The customers developed the medal sketch together with the specialists of the Saint-Petersburg Mint. As a result, it was decided to make the medal on a block decorated with an elegant laurel twig. The images of fireworks and the Broken Ring memorial included into the Green Belt of Honor and located on the western bank of the Ladoga Lake are minted on the medal; an inscription To the Conqueror of the siege of Leningrad is engraved on it. A certificate is attached to the medal.
- It is really a unique medal, there are no similar ones anywhere, said Chairman of the Counsel of Veterans Eliza Shtabskaya. Everyone who received it is proud of it. They say that the medal is simply wonderful and even more beautiful than Hero of the Soviet Union. Although each of us has about 10 or 12 medals, some have even more, we still consider Conqueror of the siege of Leningrad to be one of the most important  marks of distinction in our lives.
The Moscow Public Organization of Defenders and Inhabitants of Besieged Leningrad expresses its gratitude to the Saint-Petersburg Mint for its help in creating the unique medal.
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