The Russian roubles are secured reliably25.10.2013

The machine-readable features of the Russian banknotes that was the topic of the briefing that took place on October 24 at the Service Center of the Instrument Engineering Division at the Moscow Printing Works Branch of Goznak.
General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk, Head of Division of Currency Units and Anti-Counterfeiting Preventive Measures of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Finogenov, leading specialists of Goznak responsible for the development of security features of banknotes and devices for their identification in circulation took part in the dialogue with the journalists.  
General Director of Goznak reminded the journalists that the modern Russian banknotes are one of the most complex products in the special printing field. All the three levels of the set of security features public, cash and expert ones contain features requiring various authentication methods. Developing and creating the set of security features of the Russian banknotes, the specialists of the Bank of Russia and Goznak pay a lot of attention to the public, visual security features, with the help of which a person can verify the banknote hes holding.
but the modern banknotes are equipped with a complex high-tech set of security against counterfeiting, the so-called machine-readable features based upon various physical and chemical principles and designed to be verified with the help of both simple sensors and complicated machines for sorting the banknotes.
- One can say that the set of machine-readable features applied to the Russian roubles helps to detect any counterfeited banknotes without the participation of experts, - noted Arkady Tracvhuk.
Deputy General Director of Production of Goznak Alexey Goncharov demonstrated the counting and sorting machine Bars identifying authentic and counterfeited banknotes reliably.
Head of Division of Currency Units and Anti-Counterfeiting Preventive Measures of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Finogenov said that nobody will ever be able to relieve the cash circulation from counterfeits completely. But on the whole the number of counterfeits in the Russian circulation is twice as low as in Europe, for example 15 counterfeited banknotes per 1 million real ones.
The recent situation with counterfeited 5 000 rouble banknotes detected in the ATMs does not mean that the Russian banknotes need additional security. The problem is different it is necessary to equip the banknote-accepting devices in commercial banks with modern detectors controlling the incoming banknote according to a few parameters, said Vladimir Finogenov. Problems with counterfeited banknotes cheating the ATMs appear because of the fact that the banks do not follow the recommendations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in banknote authentication too closely. Moreover, the bank takes the risk of receiving the counterfeited banknote, but a citizen is protected from the opportunity to receive a fake at the ATM at the same time.
Arkady Trachuk offered the journalists to carry out an expertise and choose the real banknote from the two on their own. After the journalists failed to make the correct choice, Arkady Trachuk and Vladimir Finogenov showed how to make an express-analysis of a dubious banknote without any device.
The presence and the level of visual features on the Russian roubles allow any person to tell the real banknote from a counterfeited one. But the work upon developing all levels of security features visual, cash and machine-readable is carried out by the specialists of Goznak constantly. As soon as we issue a banknote of the new model, we start working upon the new banknote modification equipped with more perfect security features, said Arkady Trachuk.
Continuous work upon the set of security features is combined with the work upon modernization of the equipment controlling it.
The creation and implementation of principally new security technologies in the security printing field that the specialists of Goznak are engaged in requires simultaneous development of the feature controlling means, during both the banknote production and circulation.
Today when a new security feature is developed, devices for its reliable authentication are developed together with it.
The counting and sorting machines developed and created at Goznak are installed and operate successfully at the Bank of Russia. They include hardware and software complexes BARS for banknote flow processing, the journalists had an opportunity to examine its operation during the briefing.
Basing upon its own developments and modern production capacities, Goznak guarantees quality control and high technological level of the equipment offered.
Machine-readable feature controlling devices, manual devices for the feature level measurement and security product authentication as well as sensors for all models of the counting and sorting machines are developed; they are applied at the Bank of Russia.
Goznak is experienced in the integration of sensors of various levels into counting and sorting machines and is open to co-operation with both counting machine and banknote accepting device manufacturers.
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