Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has visited Goznak 23.09.2013

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev visited the Multifunctional Center of Document Personalization at the Moscow Printing Works - Branch of Goznak.
On August 29 together with Head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskiy and Deputy Chairman - Deputy Chief of the Government Staff Sergey Prikhodko, Dmitry Medvedev inspected the biometric travel passport personalization section. Prime Minister walked along the assembly line and watched how the holder’s personal data are registered into the passport booklet, the information is recorded to the electronic data carrier and the photo is engraved with laser.  
General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk told his distinguished guests that all identification documents of the new generation with an embedded chip are manufactured basing on the principle of centralized personalization. The main idea of the concept is that a citizen applies for the passport at one of the authorized offices of the Federal Migration Service, there a photo of him is taken as well as his fingerprints (if envisaged in the document). After all the information is processed and it is decided to issue a passport for the citizen, a file containing the information arrives at Goznak.
The document booklet is manufactured and personalized at the enterprises of Goznak. Such a scheme allows to protect the personal data of the Russian citizens maximally. The ready documents are delivered from Goznak to the offices to be given to the citizens.
- A whole number of documents of the new generation are realized according to this principle in Russia today. The system operates reliably, - Arkady Trachuk assured and added that over 5 million travel passports with the electronic data carrier are personalized at Goznak every year. He expressed a hope that the 6-million borer will be exceeded soon. In Arkady Trachuk’s opinion, the same technology may be applied for the manufacture of the plastic identity card of the citizen of Russia too.
During the visit to the center Head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskiy informed Prime Minister that the issue of electronic cards to replace passports will be started on January 1, 2016. According to his words, it is planned to stop the circulation of the internal passports in 2030. Since 2016 and till 2025 both  plastic and paper documents will be used.  
Head of the Government also inspected sections of personalization of the obligatory medical insurance electronic policies and the universal electronic cards.
On September 19 Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved the concept of introduction of the plastic identification card and the plan of measures of its introduction. In the document it is intended that the paper passports of the citizens of Russia will be replaced with the plastic cards with the electronic data carrier before January 1, 2030.
The identification card will be made in the shape of a plastic card with the electronic data carrier. Goznak will produce the electronic passports.
For reference:
In 2011 and 2012 the Multifunctional Center of Document Personalization providing the issue of biometric travel passports as well as obligatory medical insurance policies of the new model and universal electronic cards was created and commissioned on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works – Branch of Goznak. Since May 2011 Goznak has produced and personalized over 55 million obligatory medical insurance policies including over 2.5 million of those in the shape of a plastic card with an electronic data carrier as well as about 85 thousand universal electronic cards.
In order to realize the Decree of President of the Russian Federation No. 1709 Goznak has introduced technologies providing the production and personalization of the travel passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation containing additional biometric personal data of the holder (fingerprint information) in the electronic data carrier. Besides, in 2012 the issue of travel passport of the new generation with the Russian-made microchip was arranged.
In 2012 the range of directions of Goznak’s activities was expanded owing to the services of data storage and processing as well as providing informational and electronic services.
Now the Data Processing Center of the Fund of Social Insurance is located at the premises of Goznak, the works upon locating the Reserve Center of Data Processing of the Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance are being completed.

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