Gratitude from Kazan27.08.2013

Goznak has received a letter of gratitude from the Executive Directorate of “Kazan 2013” for its contribution to organizing and holding the 27th World Summer Universiade of 2013 in Kazan.
It is noted in the letter that Goznak’s contribution to holding the Games of 2013 is at the same time a contribution to the future of the republic and the country on the whole.
We would like to remind that 351 sets of gold, silver and bronze medals for the winners of the 27th World Summer Universiade of 2013 in Kazan were produced at the Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak.
The work upon this important order was started last autumn. Even the masters of the coin and order production of Goznak did not find it easy to develop unique technologies necessary for creating these unique medals.
The medal construction invented by the award design authors is unique. Every medal (its diameter is 90 mm) consists of two parts – the outer ring and the intersection of parallels and meridians in the shape of a ball compressed within and without rotating on the pins within the outer circle. The part of the medal with the logo and the name of the Universiade is attached to this symbolic image of the globe.
The outer ring and the onlay to its inner part were minted by the masters of the coin and order production. The inner part of the medal – the circle symbolizing the globe – was made by the jewelers of the Saint-Petersburg Mint. Afterwards each medal was manually assembled and polished at the jewelry production site of the Mint.
The combination of stamping and casting required a lot of time and the participation of the highest-skilled craftsmen. After the development of necessary technologies the award production was started as early as in December 2012. The result of more than five months of strenuous work is hand-made sport awards of highest quality. In fact, the masters of the Saint-Petersburg Mint created a unique artistic medal, a transformer the parts of which are connected with pins.
The technologies developed and mastered by the specialists of Goznak during the process of the Kazan Universiade medal manufacture are a real step in the development of the coin and order production.
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