Goznak has executed a large export order 21.08.2013

In December 2012 a run of 9 face values of banknotes and 4 face values of coins was manufactured under the order of the National Bank of the Republic of Angola and shipped to the customers. Sets of exclusive security features developed at the Research Institute of Goznak and the Security Technology Directorate of the company were applied to the banknotes and coins which are already in circulation in the Republic of Angola.

Goznak exports about 5000 tons of banknote paper every year, which amounts to almost half of the productive capacity for this type of product. In the last 5 years over 20 countries have ordered banknote paper at Goznak, including the largest banknote paper importers – Indonesia and Nigeria, as well as a number of banknote manufacturers in Germany, France, Canada. Today Goznak is holding a firm position in the first quinary of banknote paper suppliers in the international market.

In the last 5 years Goznak has broken through to the competitive and high-tech international market of banknote supply. In the 1990s Goznak left the international banknote market almost completely. Companies from Europe and North America took its place. The return to the international market has required a lot of efforts in the fields of developing competitive products and product promotion. Today Goznak exports over 1 billion banknotes per year and occupies a place in the quinary of the world leaders according to this index. The banknotes manufactured at Goznak are in circulation in 10 countries, including such countries as Angola, Yemen, Cambodia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Malaysia etc.

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