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In September 2013 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak is celebrating the 195th anniversary of foundation of the company.

In 1818, on September 4 (August 21 Old Style) in Saint-Petersburg the Expedition of Storing State Papers under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance was founded by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I. Thus the foundation of manufacturing the first fully-featured Russian paper money and papers with high security degrees for the national needs was laid.

The monetary intervention carried out by Napoleon prior to his invasion to Russia, which filled the country with fake banknotes gave an impulse to creating a unique enterprise even from the current point of view. This blow on the Russian economy was not less destructive than losses it suffered during the battles with Napoleons army, as a result of fires, human and material losses.

An outstanding Russian engineer of the Spanish origin Augustin de Betancourt entrusted to project and build the new establishment laid the foundation of its future prosperity. He created a unitary manufacturing facility uniting all stages of currency production from papermaking to its design development and printing. It was an outstanding novelty for its time of the organization of work of similar enterprises. It still makes Goznak competitive today, after almost two centuries.

The Expedition rapidly grew to a leading enterprise of its time and became the best in the papermaking and printing fields in Russia of the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Many outstanding scientists, inventors, engineers and artists invested their talent and work into its development and prosperity.

In 1839 an outstanding Russian natural philosopher and electrical engineer B.S. Jacobi announced his invention of electrotype, in a year he created the first in the world electrotype workshop for copperplate reproduction at the Expedition. In 1863 the Expedition invited a great artist and photographer G.I. Skamoni from Germany. He soon became Head Master of the photographic art and heliogravure and kept the occupation for almost 30 years. Among Skamonis inventions there was the verifying device the first device in history for counterfeited banknote recognition.

In 1896 I.I. Orlov, an engineer of the Expedition, made a report upon his invention of multi-coloured printing at the Imperial Russian Technical Society. This invention just like other technical solutions offered and fulfilled by the specialists of the Expedition has influence on the banknote production technology and is applied in the security printing.

It is easy to follow that since the moment of its foundation and till today the history of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak (thats how the Expedition has been called since 1919) has not been interrupted for a day either in the in legal contemplation or, which is not less important, in the human dimension.

It was with efforts of many scientists, artists, engineers and technical officers that the technical and artistic schools of our enterprise were created and provide the succession of its work, continuous development and technological refinement.

Since 1919 the Expedition of Storing State Papers, the manufacturing facilities of which were moved to Moscow, has been named Goznak which is widely known and enjoys merited authority not only in our country.

Today Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak is an innovative company which has preserved and multiplied the traditions of the Expedition; it in one of the five leading companies producing banknote and security products, coins and awards in the world. Goznak successfully competes in the Russian and world markets of security product manufacturers.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak is one of the strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation. It has always faced tasks of special national importance.

The production capacities of Goznak enable annual production of 11 thousand tons of security banknote paper, 7 billion banknotes, 5 billion coins, up to 40 million passports, up to 45 million postage stamps as well as the necessary quantity of federal special, excise stamps and other products.

Goznak is expanding the existing and mastering new areas of activity, thus providing intensive rates of growth of the production volumes and increase of the economic benefit of the enterprise.

During the last 5 years the sales proceeds of Goznak have grown by 57% and comprised 45935 million roubles in 2012.

The company has achieved a substantial increase of the gross assets which grew by 15818 million roubles (63,2%) and by the end of 2012 amounted to 40 846 million roubles.

The index of total profitability increased from 8,4 % in 2008 to 14% in 2012 thanks to the outstripping growth rate of the sales revenue to compare to the net cost dynamics. As a result, the net profit volume of 2012 comprised 6450 million roubles.

The labour efficiency has increased significantly (by 74%) during the past 5 years. In 2012 the index was 5,2 million roubles/person. With the decrease of the number of employees it was achieved thanks to the growth of the volume of production and marketing of products.

Along with the positive dynamics of Goznaks business activities, tax payments transferred by the enterprise to the national budget and non-budgetary funds grow too. Beside the tax payments, Goznak has paid 1.6 million roubles of net profit deductions to the budget in 2013 only according to the results of its work in 2012 (according to Decree No. 228 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 10.04.2008).

Keeping the high development rates, Goznak remains the leader of the Russian market of security products.

It is necessary to note that there has not been any important event in the history of our country that has not been reflected in the products of the Expedition of Storing State Papers or Goznak later on. Banknotes, coins, documents, security papers, state awards, postage and excise stamps, commemorative coins and medals are material evidences of the history of the country, its culture, level of development, its values and achievements.

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