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Since July 1, 2013 the residents of Moscow, the Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region may apply for travel passports of the new generation with the chip which besides the photo and usual information about the passport holder will also contain his fingerprint information.  

The work upon creating new documents containing the holder’s biometric data started in Russia in 2005. Since 2006 Goznak carries out the production of forms of passport and visa documents of the new generation and their personalization. The technical capacities of the Main Personalization Center at the Moscow Printing Factory – Branch of Goznak allow to produce up to 5 millions of biometric passports per year.  

In 2012 Goznak carried out modernization of the Main Personalization Center of passports and visa documents of the new generation and launched the Multifunctional Center of Personalization of documents with the electronic data carrier on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works of Goznak.

The works were carried out taking into account the coming issue of travel passports containing additional biometric information – the image of the document holder’s forefinger papillary pattern. The necessary production, information and technological infrastructure providing the issue of documents of the new generation was provided. The technological processes and the personalization line equipment were modified.

The production and personalization of the new travel passports of the citizens of the Russian Federation are organized in full compliance to the ICAO recommendations. Fingerprints, just like other information about the passport holder, arrive to the Personalization Center in the electronic shape. After their application to the microchip, the passport holder data are destroyed. No data base with the fingertips of citizens who applied for the travel passport will be created.

In 2012 the specialists of Goznak produced a test lot of forms of passport and visa documents of ID-III format with a microchip for the fingerprint information application. Their test personalization and system shipping were carried out successfully. The Company is absolutely ready for the production of travel passports with the holder’s fingerprint data.

The travel passport containing information about the holder’s forefinger prints is issued just like the ordinary biometric passport for the period of 10 years; it is produced in one month.

During the modernization of technological processes and personalization line equipment, preparation to issuing two more documents of the new generation containing the holder’s fingerprints in the Russian Federation – the refugee’s travel document and the stateless person’s residence permit was carried out.  

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