Goznak has increased the collection of big sized money with a silver coin weighing 5 kilos28.03.2013

On the mirror field of the reverse a scene of the Battle of Borodino. On top at the rim - the image of the icon of Smolensk Mother of God, belowa shako over crossed weapon, standards and accoutrements, under them - inscription along the rim: 1812 (THE PATRIOTIC WAR OF 1812).

The authors of the coins design are the artists of Goznak Design center -  A.A. Brynza (obverse) and the Bank of Russia - S.V. Sutyagin (reverse). This 5 kilo coin issued by the Bank of Russia in a limited edition of 50 copies was minted at the Saint-Petersburg mint.

It is the second precious metal coin weighing 5 kilos which was minted at the St Petersburg Mint.

This is the second 5 kilos precious metal coin made at the St Petersburg mint. The 5 kilo gold coin of 999 fineness and proof - like quality devoted to 150th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia wasminted at the St Petersburg Mint in 2010.
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