Malye Korely souvenir sheet was awarded for the best printing quality30.01.2013

According to the results of the 11th Chinese voting competition for the best foreign stamp which took place in Beijing at the end of 2012, Malye Korely souvenir sheet printed at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak received the experts special prize For the best printing quality.

In August 2011 Marka Publishing Center issued the Historical and cultural heritage of Russia. The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art Malye Korely souvenir sheet.

The sheet was printed at the Moscow Printing Factory Branch of Goznak. In the printing respect, the sheet is made in a very plain way with four inks only. But due to an original design solution there are three stamps in the window it looks very unusual and beautiful.

Malye Korely is the biggest in Russia outdoor museum of wooden architecture located in the village of the same name 25 kilometers away from Archangelsk.

The Chapel of St. Macarius (the 18th century), the Church of Ascension (the 17th century) and the windmill (the beginning of the 20th century) are depicted on the stamps of the souvenir sheet. The interior of a peasants hut is on the margin.

Elena Mishina, an engineer and technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory, noted the perforation: Our customers insisted that the perforation should be exactly on the edge of the window depicted on the stamp.

Now the perforation matrix is made at a numerical control machine. Therefore we achieve very high precision of the holes in the location of both the perforation lines on the sheet and the location of holes in respect to one another. But much depends on a man the perforation itself is made at the Fisher hand-operated machine where every sheet is fed separately and manually. It is necessary to feed the sheets very carefully, said Nikolay Vishnvskiy, Head of a Printing Department of the Moscow Printing Factory. And the cutting should be correct.

All stamps undergo very strict control, also over the quality of cutting and perforation. In case of tiniest deviations, the stamp is rejected. Bu it doesnt happen often very high-skilled professionals are employed at Goznak. The stamp printing machines are very specialized and finely adjusted, continued Nikolay Vishnevskiy. We check them continuously and keep them in a perfect technical condition. It enables us to obtain the perfect register quality in both the axial and lateral deflection. The machine works in practically zero parameters. Thanks to such adjustment and ideally chosen parameters we have managed to decrease the technological cycle considerably, and consequently the time of producing the press-run.

The organizer of the competition where Malye Korely was awarded, are the Chinese Peoples Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries, the All-China Philatelist Federation and other organizations. 38 countries took part in the competition. According to the conditions, the participants could present one stamp and one souvenir sheet at the competition. Qualified jury chose the winners of the Best Design, Best Theme and Best Printing Quality categories. Over 330 thousand participants of on-line voting chose the best stamp and the best souvenir sheet.
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