A Russian chip in the Russian passport21.01.2013

At the Reserve Personalization Center of the Moscow Printing Works Branch of Goznak there took place a press-conference where it was announced that since 2013 chips made in Russia will be applied in the travel passports of the citizens of Russia. In December 2012 Goznak purchased the first 100 thousand chips produced by NIIME and Mikron JSC which are embedded into the travel passports with the electronic data carrier now.

It became possible thanks to the close co-operation of NIIME and Mikron JSC, the largest Russian manufacturer of chips for smart cards, RFID and industrial electronics, a part of RTI field holding company, and Goznak.

The chip produced by Mikron has passed all necessary certification procedures and tests of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the Interdepartmental Committee of testing travel passport blanks with home-made chips. We estimate that during 2013 the share of Russian chips in the travel passports will be increased considerably, said Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak.

The home-made chip possesses a broad range of programming and engineering security facilities and has passed the interdepartmental tests successfully. The chip has non-contact interface and nonvolatile memory with the guaranteed 10 years of storing the information. Gennady Krasnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors fo Mikron noted that The Russian microelectronics nowadays possesses all technological and manufacturing facilities to proved the key projects of the Government in the field of documents of the new generation like, per example, the travel passport with the electronic data carrier, the universal; electronic card, ID cards of the citizens of Russia and so on.

The home-made chip guarantees safety of the personal data of our fellow citizens, because the Russian manufacturer allows us to control all stages of  the chip production and is responsible for the product manufacture, believes Konstantin Romodanovsky, Head of the Federal Migration Service.
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