Medals of the World Summer Student Games of 2013 were presented in Moscow13.12.2012

Samples of the gold, silver and bronze medals to be presented to the winners of the upcoming Games were manufactured at the Saint-Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak under the order of the Organizational Committee of Student Games-2013.

The samples of medals were presented on December 11 at the meeting of the Organizational Committee dedicated to preparation of the 27th World Summer Student Games of 2013 in Kazan.

A closed competition was held for the medal design; professional design companies of Ufa and Moscow took part in it. As a result, the design model was approved on June 4, 2012. According to it, the medal consists of three circles of different diameters. The first (outer) circle denotes the Universe or the Space, the second stands for the planet of Earth and the third represents the Man. The motto of the World Student Games “U are the World!” and the figure “27” (the 27th Summer Student Games) are along the edge of the outer circle.

The circle representing our planet is depicted in the shape of interlacing parallels and meridians. It revolves round its axis together with the central part of the medal where the basic symbols of the Student Games are shown. The logo of Student Games-2013 and the tulip – its emblem are on one side. The logo of FISU (the International University Sports Federation) is on the other side of the medal. There are also five figures of the flying man holding a burning torch (of different sizes).

It was difficult to implement such a design in metal even for such an experienced team as the Saint-Petersburg Mint, the craftsmen of which have mastered difficult and important tasks more than once. Technologists, toolsmiths, jewelers worked with the samples for a few months. As a result, special technologies of their manufacture were developed, casting and minting were combined. The interception of parallels and meridians rotating on the pins inside the outer circle is made in the shape of a ball flattened on both sides where a part of the medal with the symbols of the upcoming Games is fixed.
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